Tuesday, October 30

It's Finally Here - The New NBA Season And The New Obama !

Halloween is here and that only means the NBA is here. Here is my fearless forecast for the Atlantic Division . Actually , it's more like my fearful forecast not 'coz its halloween but 'coz I said here that the Raptors may be out of the playoff picture . Wait , before you homers burn my effigy, and nail me to the cross , read my complete rankings :

No.1 New Jersey Nets : Reasons- stability and health . Coach Frank and VC are entering this season with new contracts unlike last year. Then, there are no rumors of trades (Kidd to the Lakers , RJ to just about every NBA team and VC to hell - the latter is what the fans in Toronto want). Everybody is healthy (Kristic and RJ) entering the season 'cept for PG Marcus Williams. This team is deep . Jamal Magliore deep. JM will give the Nets the much needed presence deep inside . His addition to the team will more than offset Mickey Moore's departure to Disneyland . Oh well. Sacramento is in CA too .It will be as easy as riding a bike this time for NJ , right Jason ?

No 2 - Boston Celtics . Contrary to Boston's fans wish , the Cs will not give the city its triple crown after the Red Sox and the Patriots (sure bet). One reason - the PG situ. Garnett summed it up in his statement about Rondo- 'Id say that if Rondo is not the best point guard in 3 to 4 years , I'd be very very surprised '. Well , wait 3 to 4 years then before the Cs will contend . Now, if Doc acquires a 1st class point guard .........

Tied For No. 3 and 4 - Toronto Raptors and the New York Knicks . Whoever gets the 3rd spot in the Atlantic , have a chance to be in the playoffs.The Raptors will be bug by injuries this season (Bosh,Garbo and Bargnani) while the Knicks will elevate their game 'coz of one beast player... I mean , one best player added to their roster - Zach Randolf. Zach better deliver or Isiah will be sack before the season ends. If for some miracle , the Raps stay healthy again like last season , they will have a chance to inch up to no 2 and a spot in the playoffs.

No. 5 - Phladelphia 76ers .What do you expect from a city voted as the murder capital of the U.S.A ? (see my previous post) In another poll , Philly folks are considered the ugliest in the country. If I am a resident of Philly , I'll burn it like some folks did to San Diego ! I wonder if the the arsonists are SD native Bill Walton haters ?

Also tonight is the Democratic Presidential debate at MSNBC. I'm excited to see the new Obama. A nasty Obama going after Hillary Clinton's head for the 1st time. Obama even used a basketball metaphor when he said last week that ' I can play low and use my elbows '. The man is trailing Hillary by 20 points in the national polls so Obama was adviced by his supporters to be mean to HC if he hopes to catch up. I say , it's about time. Why don't you change your name to Osama to complete your transformation , Obama ?

Hillary : Booo ! The Cs and the Raps are scared of the Nets just like everybody is scared of me !

Sunday, October 28

Vancouver Hangover .

It's funny how many Vancouverites still harbor the hope of the NBA returning to Vancouver, B.C. Huh ? Vancouver blew it ! Their fan support waned after only a few seasons. ' It's important that in choosing future location for a new NBA team that it is located in a major city ' said Commish David Stern during the NBA Europe Live press con held in London, England . He then compared the very much alive Toronto Raptors franchise vs. the very much dead Vancouver Grizzlies ( now the Memphis Grizzlies ) . Maybe there is hope. A long shot . Even a 3 point shot . If a combination of things align somewhat , Vancouver will be an NBA city once more. These are :

One - if the province fav son and 2 time NBA MVP Steve Nash plays for the new Vancouver team . The Suns vs. Supersonics game last Friday drew a sellout crowd of 17K plus. Awesome for a pre season game ! OK , OK .Nash may be too old once his contract with the Phoenix Suns is over. Not really . Ex Celtics great Bob Cousy, to whom Nash's game is often compared with , came out of retirement to play for a fledging Kansas City NBA team.

Two - if the numerous Chinese billionaires/milllionaires based in B.C. join forces to bankroll the team. The new team won't have no problem with money as income from the food sales alone will be huge. Knowing the Chinese , they will have pricey spring rolls and wanton soup in place of cheap hotdogs and Coke ! Who cares if they name the team the Hongkouver Dimsuns !

Three - if half of the roster is composed of members / or former members of the Chinese National team. Many enterprising tour agencies etc. will surely put a Vancouver basketball game attendance as part of their tours in the same way as seeing a live Ichiro /Seattle Mariners game a must for Japanese foreign students in TO. Then there is the non stop and ever increasing Chinese population in Vancouver, legal or otherwise ? Just remember that these are my ideas . OK , grasshopper ?

Bruce Lee : Maybe my friend Kareem will come out of retirement to play for Chinada !

Friday, October 26

DelfiNo Contract And Walker Walks On Threadmill.

There was suddenly a bounce in Carlos Delfino's game last night vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers . The tranferee from the Detroit Pistons scored a game high 18 points and collared 9 big rebounds. It's about time. Delfino must have read coach Sam Mtchell's comments last week about his lack of efforts. Now the coach is even providing an excuse for Delfino's lackluster performance prior to last night's pre season game which the Raptors won , 111-78. Jet lag ! Really . Michael Jordan has a better explanation for a player suddenly finding his game at the right time. ' It must be his contact year ' said Air Jordan. Think Jerome James , Theo Ratliff and many others . That's why I don't understand the barrage of calls by fans to sign D Leaguer and Raptor newcomer Janario Moon to fill the no. 15 spot in place of proven vet Juan Dixon or the more versatile Luke Jackson. Yes , Moon has a flashy game . He has a couple of good pre season games (vs. Lotto and Boston). ' Moon can put the ball on the floor and can make outside shots ' said the Boston TV sportscaster after the forward scored against a Celtics defender . It must be his work ethics ' Ex NBA great Tom Heinsohn surmissed why Moon still has no NBA team at age 26 . Exactly. That's why Antoine Walker will do his shimmy elsewhere than in Miami. However , Heat coach Fat .. err ... I mean .. Pat Riley must think of other ways for Walker to lose those extra pounds. Like futuristic office workers will do eventually . They combine threadmill , desk and computer ! 'Toine can do the same. He can stand on a running treadmill instead of sit on the bench when not playing and during timeouts !

Antoine : C'mon Pat , I am not fat. I can fit in this jersey .
Riley : .... When it comes with a matching short shorts !

Wednesday, October 24

Not So Deadly Big C (s) !

The Raptors should worry about the Big 3. The orig Big 3 of the Atlantic Division. - Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson. The Celt's trio of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are dangerous but they lack much needed support especially in the point guard and center positions. The C's bench is wanting with James Posey as the only one good enough to play steady ball . Rondo , Perkins and Big Baby Davis are still as green as their uniforms . The C's scouts let former Spartan Mateen Cleaves , a natural PG , got away . Cleaves played excellent ball last night ...but for NJ not Boston. Instead , coach Doc Rivers used a former member of the Nets , Eddie House , as the back up PG to Rondo in last night's pre season game . It's obvious that House is not at home in that position and that your bench is not deep enough , Rivers !
The New Jersey Nets, however, are a complete basketball team. The addition of vet Jamal Magliore and rook Williams made the center position solid with a healthy Nenad Kristic back from injury . But what makes the Nets deadlier than the Celtics is the fact that they are ready. Coach Frank said so. Vince Carter said so. Coach Frank , in the Real Training Camp shown on NBA TV, boasted that his team , unlike last season , is ready because his men started holding practice early. Hmm . The contract extension given him Nets management this summer must have help. In 2006-07 season , the Nets were awful at the starting gate. Then there is VC saying this in his interview shown today at ESPN's First Take. ' You will see us in the championship this time ' . Vince confidently told his interviewer while showing his ring finger. I am not sure whether VC was showing the finger because he wants an NBA ring or he is still divorced and single !

VC : Ha,ha,ha. I'm looking at my ring finger 'coz it's itchy !

Tuesday, October 23

Bosh , No Spark Plug For The Raptors.

There is no doubt that the Raptors are weaker without their main man , Chris Bosh. Or are they really ? Early last season , the team led by TJ Ford played very well in a stretch when CB4 went down with injury. The team just bonded for some reason and played winning ball on the road at that. Some Raps fans called Bosh's absence then as a blessing in disguise . And maybe even now. Chris Bosh has not played the last 3 pre season games due to a sore knee. He is expected to be ready(?) against Cleveland on Thursday. This coming season , Bosh is expected again , like last year, to start slowly. Not exactly the quick start Bosh !
It just goes to show who is the real leader of the team . TJ Ford ? Yup , the dimunitive guard appears to have more leadership qualities in his 5'9'' body than the 6'10'' Bosh. TJ led the team during his absence physically early last season and mentally during the playoffs vs. the New Jersey Nets. When Bosh struggled against Mickey Moore's and Jason Collin's defenses all series long ( Bosh showed up only in the last game of the series - game 6) while TJ matched very well with All Star Jason Kidd . Before the playoffs , in a game against the Milwaukee Bucks , TJ was first to confront burly center Andre Bogut who roughhoused ...who else but Chris Bosh.Now if only TJ Ford will drop his lame name , TJ , and adopt a more sinister sounding one , he will generate more fear among his colleagues. Say like OJ Ford !

CB4 : How 'bout we call you BJ Ford !

Sunday, October 21

Bargnani Vs. Alridge . Press Refresh Button .

After their rookie season , Raptors' Andrea Bargnani came up ahead of fellow rookie LaMarcus Alridge of the Portland Trailblazers. Slightly ahead .Their stats confirmed that. The rookie of the year runner up ( to another Blazer Brandon Roy ) started timidly but improved his game starting midway last season while Alridge struggled and showed his real game only at the last quarter of the season. Some Raptors fans, and definitely those in Portland, said that the Texas native is the more versatile and far effective guy. The same views as Bargnani's teammate and fellow Texan , Chris Bosh, had before the '07 drafting began . Let's take a look at the long tape ( both are nearly 7 feet tall ) of each player including their pre season stats to date :

LaMarcus Alridge Andrea Bargnani

6'11'', 211 lbs.
19.5 ppg
6.8 rpg
1.8 apg
+20 EFF.

Andrea Bargnani

7'0'' , 250 lbs.
15.0 ppg
5.2 rpg
1.0 apg
14 EFF.

Interesting how their stats are almost the same even up to now going to the 2007-08 season.However , I give my vote to Andrea Bargnani to come up ahead again this year because Alridge is reportedly injured (toe) early this season . Bargnani will continue to develop his game unhampered. Like he continued to develop his hairdo !

Friday, October 19

It's Just Money Being Money.

My fav baseball team,the Boston Red Sox, won last night to extend their series versus the Cleveland Indians (series now stands at 3-2). Good for Bosox fans especially Manny Ramirez'. Ramirez was the subject of criticisms by some , or is it many , when he said a after game 4 loss that brought his team on the brink of elimination and another championshipless season ' if it does'nt happen, so who cares . Sound uncaring ? No . It's just typical Manny His fans know that come game time , Manny is all business. It's just Manny being Manny as they say in Boston. I just hope the Raptors have somebody as colorful and as great as Manny. Not a bunch of bland players playing a bland kind of basketball. It was a far cry from the days of Vince Carter , Charles Oakley , Muggsy Bouges and Junkyard Dog to mention a few of ex Raptors crowd pleasers on and off the court. So Raptors' fans who continue to wonder why the team is not in TNT/ESPN/NBA TV more than the customary intro game a season . Simple .The producers of these stations need to put up games that interests the most numbers of basketball fans . Stateside fans specifically . They do not really care about Bargnani or Bosh until they become household names in the US not Canada . Do you see commercials featuring these 2 by Nike or Mc Donalds ? Not even the local Tim Horton get them to push it's doughnuts . And dought is what makes the NBA go 'round like a basketball. Yes sir . it's still money being money !

Keon Clark : Maybe I should play again for the Raptors. Afterall , I am a household name now.......in the criminal household !.

Wednesday, October 17

The Raps' 3 J's In Small Forward Position - Joey, Jason And Jailfino !

With the departure of Mo Pete and the newfound vigor of contract year Joey Graham , coach Sam Mitchell found a new jailbird in Carlos Jailfino . Delfino will find himself in the doghouse for sure based on Sam's statement made public to the press. ' Right now, based on the practices , Delfino has to pick it up ' he said. ' With Joey and Jason , I thought they have been working hard ' Uh oh , conclusion is that Delfino is not working hard ! That's Sam's way of catching the attention of underperforming players of his. Too bad for Delfino who don't know how Sam's punishment syatem works. Graham took more 2 years to regain Sam's confidence in him again. Andrea Bargani took the GM's intervention to play with confidence after the benching from Sam. Mo Pete took his bag and went away to another team !
Carlos Delfino is counting on a good year with the Raps to stay in the major league. Delfino said of his trade from Detroit to TO ' If I stayed with the Pistons , I am sure it would have been my last NBA season ' . Guess what Carlos , get your ticket for your return to Europe or wherever you see yourself playing next. You will have a hard time breaking the Joey then Jason (or vice versa) fielding rotation of Sam now that he voiced his choices for the small forward position. The remaining playing time after the 2 Js will be negligible this year. Joey G. will be playing extra hard (and consistent ?) this being his contract year. Jason Kapono , with his enormous contract , wil play extra hard because he does'nt want to end up like ex Raptor Rafael Araujo. Yes , that Hoffa who was since released by the Jazz (to Russia) after being jettisoned by the Raps to the land of the Morons ...err...Mormons. 'The problem with Hoffa's situ in TO was that he was drafted too high (#6) ' said countryman and Cavalier Andy Varejao. Really ? I've always thought that the problem was that Rob Babcock's basketball IQ is too low !

Jailpino : I am in Sam's jailhouse ?
Will I get to wear this uniform ?

Monday, October 15

Killing Me Softly With Your Game .

Recenttly , the words coming out of the mouth of the Raptors main men-coach Sam Mitchell and Chris Bosh- relayed one thing to the team : we are soft. Ultra soft. No matter how they tried to masked their message with such words as we need to be tough and we must be aggressive , the meaning is the same. What the hell can't these 2 be more honest and direct. My peewee basketball coach was more forceful tham them ! He would say ' let's kill our opponents or take no prisoners , boys '. We understood what we need to do. One reason for the team's softness is the departure of the team's Ironman, Morris Peterson. Mo Pete was replaced by Jason Kapono and/or Delfino in the lineup .Why oh why,B.C. ? The guy is fearless . My Gosh , he even has skeletor as his shopping buddy !
If the Raptors think that this coming season will be a walk in the park, they are deadly wrong. Maybe a walk in the park located in Killadelphia . Talking of Philadelphia , the 76ers , considered the weakest in the Atlantic Division, are definitely tougher than Toronto .Do you know why ? The 76ers have no Europeans ! No Vlade Divac clones. The ex Laker,ex King was ex cellent in flopping.' That is what Europeans considered good defense. ' said one NBA player critical of Divac's constant flopping . Not only that they flop , the Euros are whiners , no , make that cryers . See how Utah's Andrei Kirilenko cried in front of millions of TV viewers. So to B.C., no more Europeans if you want your team to be tough. Unless they are from Queenstown. No , not in Europe , but in Queenstown , Philadelphia ! !

Saturday, October 13

Real Madrid Loss Exposes Raps' Real Problems !

Yes the Raptors lost to the Boston Celtics too in the opener of the NBA Europe Live but coach Sam Mitchell was not as livid as after Thursday's debacle against a Euro basketball team, Real Madrid. You better believe it. Sam's frustration was real. It was very evident after that last sec turnover by TJ Ford. 'B u l l s h i t ' shouted the Raps' coach. 'Ole,ole,ole' answered the crowd.

1. Jason Kapono . The big acquisition this summer by B.C. is a big dud. JK failed to register double digits in 3 games to match his double figure salary ($24 mil/3 yrs.). In fact, Sam has demoted the 3 point shooting King of the NBA from the starting 5 in the RM's game after starting Kapono vs. the Cs. Jason should cut down on his gondolaing and buckle down to the business of basketball! . How about shooting baskets instead of pictures, Jason ?

2. Big forward is still a big problem. Maceo Baston ,the 6'9'' transferee from the Pacers , failed to suit up except in the closing mins. of the game vs. Boston. I got the feeling Sam fielded Baston in this game only as a joke to his GM. You know .Baston vs. Boston .

3. 'Soft' tag. Sam said after the game ' no one wants to do the dirty work and that he needs a tough guy . This is definitely a problem if the coach is tougher than all it's players combined. Player Sam once challenged Charles Barkley to a fisticuff in the parking lot (Charles wisely did not show up).'Sam lasted 11 years in the NBA doing the dirty work' said NBA TV's Rick Kamla. And I don't mean collecting Kevin Garnet's soiled clothes.

4. Raptors' bench is deep ? Before the start of these pre season games , most Raps' fans and TO sportwriters felt that the team's bench is at least 10 man deep. It appears now , that the team is in deep.....deep trouble . If B.C. continues to posture in his GQ attire , the Raptors will be DQ'd come playoff time !

B.C.: Posturing ! Who's posturing ?
I'm standing like this 'cuz my right leg
is shorter than my left leg !

Thursday, October 11

Andrea The Giant.

Did you see Andrea Bargnani lately ? Andrea noticeably added more pounds this off season. 'Bargnani is more suited now to play center (?) with the extra weight ' said one in the Raps'ors' camp. Andrea added 10-15 pounds to his 7'0'' frame . He is now between 255-258 lbs. (see before and after pics below) .Not exactly like the late wrestler Andre The Giant , who was 500 pounds but bulky nevertheless. Why not? Sam seems determined to put him(Andrea) in the starting 5 in place of the velocity challenged Rasho Nestorovich. " I will start and play whoever is suited ' said coach Mitchell when asked why he put Bargnani to start the game versus Boston in Rome. 'It's like the last playoff (vs. New Jersey) , I did not play Rasho because it was not right ' added Sam. But Andrea is still the smooth shooter that he is.His stroke from the 3 pt. line is still deadly.
Andrea seems determined to collar more rebounds this coming NBA season. The Italian cager also said that he aims also to improve his defense especially against the big guys in the NBA. In other words , Andrea will no longer be a pushover. It might be recalled that early in his rookie year , King Raptor Chris Bosh berated Andrea in front of TV viewers and those in the Golden State arena when the smaller then Warrior Ike Diogu (6'8''/250 lbs.) repeatedly outpositioned and outrebounded him.No more of that , Ike . Andrea is a bigger ass than you now... I mean , Andrea's ass is bigger than yours now !

Ike : That's what you think, Andrea.
My ass become even bigger last season
sitting on the Pacers' bench !

Wednesday, October 10

Raptors ToDie !

Here we go again. The start of mediocrity. The Raptors Today show on Raptors TV is as bad as usual. No, make that worser. The set is migraine inducing and shouts of overacting. That set really has one message to viewers . Our host Paul Johnson and analyst Sherman Hamilton are substandard so don't mind 'em . Look at all those moving lights ! Like they say in school - ' If you're report lacks substance , don't worry . Dazzle them with your b.s '. Analyst Sherman Hamilton has a face made for radio. Don't you guys at Raptors TV know that ! Spare Sherm the humiliation . Spare us viewers the perspiration. It's good if the guy has high basketball credentials. Sherm is a Canadian college player. Absolutely no NBA experience.In the Raps vs. Lottomica game , Raptors TV supplanted ESPN's halftime coverage with Sherm's dissection of the game . Nice . ESPN respected basketball Analyst Hubie Brown out and in came Raptors TV Anal yst or is it Analess ? That brings me to an incident that happenned in last season's playoff coverage. A viewer asked Paul this ,' Why can't we show ESPN's coverage of the Raptors game ? Paul's answer : ' because you are in Canada !
If Raptors TV really cares about it's viewers , it should at least upgrade the basketball panel.What is the importance of getting a bonafide basketball Analyst ? Take the same game held in Rome,Italy. ESPN's Brown gave vewers an insight of how Lotto's 36 years old center was giving the Raps' big men a challenge in the middle. ' G.Fucha was a legit center/forward once upon a time- can shoot the mid range shot and take it to the basket ' Brown said of the Lotto cager who was in the US as a young man years ago. Insights like this is important. The long time coach in the NBA surely scouted the beanpole numerous time for his NBA team(s). Tidbits like these are missing in the Raptors coverage of the NBA games because we are in Canada !.

Hubie: I have a face not made for HDTV !

Monday, October 8

So You Think You Can Dunk , Europe ?

The news lately is that Europe is 'hot' to enter the NBA World. Last week , ESPN reported that ex NBAer Vlade Divac met with Com. David Stern to discuss such possibility. It's not like an NBA Euro thing is not in the mind of the league since the NBA started participating in the NBA-Mc Donalds mini tournaments many years ago . Stern is just waiting for the right time. He does'nt want to suffer the rough start that Disneyland Europe in France experienced in '92. Disney Euro ? Yes, the giant fun business that Mickey Mouse built . Stern believes that the NBA must be sold as a mix of entertainment and sports. Hear that , hockey guys in Canada. Some puckheads want to push the NHL in Europe. ' In as much as the game continues to fail to catch the fancy of the Americans , the league should instead go to London or Stockholm (Sweden) ' one announcer in Primetime Sports last week. Maybe . Hockey is not much of a sport but it sure has built in violence. Only here in Canada , we just don't call it hooliganism. Just hockey fights !
I'm not sure the US formula (mix of fun and ball) is good in Europe. In Germany,England and Spain , that's teaching the kids to participate in hooliganism . What kind of mascots will Euro teams have ? The murdering London (Jack D) Rippers ? The Jew hating Munich Nazis ? Don't forget the blood thirsty Rumanian Draculas .What will happen if the Chicago Bulls face the Barcelona Matadors ? No contest . What about the mascot of a free love country like Sweden ? Entertainment there must be something that keeps the body warm if you get my drift. Those halftime stuff of dancing scantily clad cheerleaders won't simply do . Think nude basketball ! I'm not to sure that the mix of fun and ball is a good idea. Let's just stick to basketball , Mr. Stern. Or else you might find yourself imposing disciplinary actions after every single game ! No, not paltry suspensions or fine . More like off with his head !

Howard Stern : I wanna be the Commisioner Of NBA Europe. Commisioner Stern !

Sunday, October 7

Boston Plays Hard , Whips Toronto , Wins NBA Championsh......

Not so fast. The 'C's won the pre season opener with a 89-84 victory over the Raptors. The NBAEurope game opened with a big bang with the sellout crowd of 11,000 filling the stadium at Rome, Italy. It was not your typical pre season game. There were of joy and excitement from both teams. In fact , both coaches satisfied the fans by playing their respective stars longer than normal for a pre season game.Good for the paying public. Anyway , here are some notable observations :

1. the stadium the 2 teams played does'nt have a Jumbotron or Gigante screen hanging in the roof to watch the replays of spectacular plays.

2. one has to take a flight of stairs to reach the locker rooms. For the losing team , that's like climbing a mountain !

3. the Celts Big Baby Davis has tiny ears for such a huge man .No wonder , Big Baby got hit by a car in Rome. The guy has difficulty hearing the beep beep of the car with those baby ears !

4. the Raps' rookie Jamario Moon showed his extraordinary vertical jump in at least 2 plays yeaterday. It's like Moon can reach the moon with his jumping ability.

5. I doubt if Celtics guard Rondo (4 pts./25 mins) can hold on to the starting PG position. Wait , the Cs traded or waived all their other point guards ( Telfair, West and Ray). But they still have solid PGs in the person of GM Danny Ainge and coach Doc Rivers . If the 2 play , will they count against the team's salary cap ? Just askin.

6. Joey Graham proclaimed earlier that this will be his breakout season. That's if Sam let Joey break out a sweat first . The guy played 14 mins only and intermittently at that in this game !

7. All things Italian were given louder applause than normal in the intro. Native son Andrea Bargnani , Garbajosa (played for Benneton ) and even coach Sam Mitchell ( in his customary Italian suit ). Wonder why Brian Scalibrine did'nt get one. Have'nt they've heard of the curly blond or red haired Italian boy ! Think Sonny Corleone (James Caan) of the Godfather fame

Tuesday, October 2

No Mas Thomas !

It's all over. The case versus Knicks' coach Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden is finally over. The jury agreed that Thomas (1) and his employer -Madison Square Garden - are guilty of sexually harassing Anucha Brown. The other Brown (deposed NY coach- Larry Brown ) must be laughing at the outcome. The decision came a few days after US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas came out on Nightline to promote his memoirs, My Grandfather's Son . One would remember Thomas (2) was accused by a court clerk , Anita Hill who he claimed was a mediocre employee just like Anucha according to MSG . Thomas (2) survived the sexual harassment charge and went on to be confirmed . So let's go play real ball said the Knicks fans. No mas . Enuff already . All is resolved .Isiah lost , MSG lost , Britney lost !
Isiah Thomas should come out of this 'bump in the road' stronger. After all , Thomas (1) has been through numerous bumps on his way to his present position. Let's cite some of 'em 1) Larry Bird - if Bird is white,he's just an ordinary player-brouhaha 2) the Raptors ownership battle 3) NBL bankruptcy . Then there were the lesser ones like the MJ freezin' and Magic's holin' ! Thomas (1) came out of each episode fighting. Thomas (1) is a survivor. The guy was known during his playing days as the Smiling Assasin for nothin.' Clarence Thomas is kinda' different. 'He's still a bitter man' said one African-American journalist on TV last night. Thomas (2) was said to have put a 15 cents tag on his Yale diploma because 'he was not able to get the expected job offers right after graduation like his white classmates did' the jman beffudingly added. So there . One Thomas is bitter and the other one ... better !

Bill : Rookies !