Tuesday, October 30

It's Finally Here - The New NBA Season And The New Obama !

Halloween is here and that only means the NBA is here. Here is my fearless forecast for the Atlantic Division . Actually , it's more like my fearful forecast not 'coz its halloween but 'coz I said here that the Raptors may be out of the playoff picture . Wait , before you homers burn my effigy, and nail me to the cross , read my complete rankings :

No.1 New Jersey Nets : Reasons- stability and health . Coach Frank and VC are entering this season with new contracts unlike last year. Then, there are no rumors of trades (Kidd to the Lakers , RJ to just about every NBA team and VC to hell - the latter is what the fans in Toronto want). Everybody is healthy (Kristic and RJ) entering the season 'cept for PG Marcus Williams. This team is deep . Jamal Magliore deep. JM will give the Nets the much needed presence deep inside . His addition to the team will more than offset Mickey Moore's departure to Disneyland . Oh well. Sacramento is in CA too .It will be as easy as riding a bike this time for NJ , right Jason ?

No 2 - Boston Celtics . Contrary to Boston's fans wish , the Cs will not give the city its triple crown after the Red Sox and the Patriots (sure bet). One reason - the PG situ. Garnett summed it up in his statement about Rondo- 'Id say that if Rondo is not the best point guard in 3 to 4 years , I'd be very very surprised '. Well , wait 3 to 4 years then before the Cs will contend . Now, if Doc acquires a 1st class point guard .........

Tied For No. 3 and 4 - Toronto Raptors and the New York Knicks . Whoever gets the 3rd spot in the Atlantic , have a chance to be in the playoffs.The Raptors will be bug by injuries this season (Bosh,Garbo and Bargnani) while the Knicks will elevate their game 'coz of one beast player... I mean , one best player added to their roster - Zach Randolf. Zach better deliver or Isiah will be sack before the season ends. If for some miracle , the Raps stay healthy again like last season , they will have a chance to inch up to no 2 and a spot in the playoffs.

No. 5 - Phladelphia 76ers .What do you expect from a city voted as the murder capital of the U.S.A ? (see my previous post) In another poll , Philly folks are considered the ugliest in the country. If I am a resident of Philly , I'll burn it like some folks did to San Diego ! I wonder if the the arsonists are SD native Bill Walton haters ?

Also tonight is the Democratic Presidential debate at MSNBC. I'm excited to see the new Obama. A nasty Obama going after Hillary Clinton's head for the 1st time. Obama even used a basketball metaphor when he said last week that ' I can play low and use my elbows '. The man is trailing Hillary by 20 points in the national polls so Obama was adviced by his supporters to be mean to HC if he hopes to catch up. I say , it's about time. Why don't you change your name to Osama to complete your transformation , Obama ?

Hillary : Booo ! The Cs and the Raps are scared of the Nets just like everybody is scared of me !


Blogger john said...

The Knicks will surprise everybody this year.They are a much cohesive group now especially with what happened to their coach.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Raps Forever said...

The Raptors will finish first again their Division .The big 3's of the Nets and the Celtics are no match to the big 15 of the Raptors.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Raps Fan said...

big 15...come on man, be reasonable at least. if you said 2nd, i wouldnt have put in my two cents.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The raps beat last years 2nd place team by 30 points. Bosh only played 15, Bargnani sat the 2nd half and guys like derrick martin played over 12 mins. Yet we still beat the Cav's by 30. We have the best bench in the league and one of the best starting 5 in the league. We will take the division, with all 15 of our guys, not just 3 guys. thanks coach, but no.

12:53 AM  
Anonymous eddy said...

wow, you're predicting the Raptors injuries? please... knock on wood!

1:47 AM  
Blogger coach said...

john - nope.the best the knicks will do this season is 3rd IF and only IF z bo mesh with curry and stephon very well.

rf - you're incl. d.martin as part of the big 15 ? lol.

raps fan - ditto

anon - this year' atlantic div. is WAY DIFFERENT from last season. even the canadian dollar is different in value vis a vis the american dollar !

eddy - i hate to think this way but my experience in following nba teams all these years tell me that after an almost injury free season , a team's players are due to more frequent hospital visits . i think they call this phenomena the 'law of averages' !

9:27 AM  
Blogger Amboy said...

barack obama=gay.

9:56 AM  

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