Wednesday, October 24

Not So Deadly Big C (s) !

The Raptors should worry about the Big 3. The orig Big 3 of the Atlantic Division. - Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson. The Celt's trio of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are dangerous but they lack much needed support especially in the point guard and center positions. The C's bench is wanting with James Posey as the only one good enough to play steady ball . Rondo , Perkins and Big Baby Davis are still as green as their uniforms . The C's scouts let former Spartan Mateen Cleaves , a natural PG , got away . Cleaves played excellent ball last night ...but for NJ not Boston. Instead , coach Doc Rivers used a former member of the Nets , Eddie House , as the back up PG to Rondo in last night's pre season game . It's obvious that House is not at home in that position and that your bench is not deep enough , Rivers !
The New Jersey Nets, however, are a complete basketball team. The addition of vet Jamal Magliore and rook Williams made the center position solid with a healthy Nenad Kristic back from injury . But what makes the Nets deadlier than the Celtics is the fact that they are ready. Coach Frank said so. Vince Carter said so. Coach Frank , in the Real Training Camp shown on NBA TV, boasted that his team , unlike last season , is ready because his men started holding practice early. Hmm . The contract extension given him Nets management this summer must have help. In 2006-07 season , the Nets were awful at the starting gate. Then there is VC saying this in his interview shown today at ESPN's First Take. ' You will see us in the championship this time ' . Vince confidently told his interviewer while showing his ring finger. I am not sure whether VC was showing the finger because he wants an NBA ring or he is still divorced and single !

VC : Ha,ha,ha. I'm looking at my ring finger 'coz it's itchy !


Anonymous Raps Fan said...

the nets scare me. i think espn was too rough on them, saying they will win 39 games. they are a deep, veteran team, with three bad boys.

i thought they played well without kristc last season. now they have magloire...will be interesting.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous jes said...

Cleaves was waived by the Nets today.

3:11 PM  

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