Sunday, October 7

Boston Plays Hard , Whips Toronto , Wins NBA Championsh......

Not so fast. The 'C's won the pre season opener with a 89-84 victory over the Raptors. The NBAEurope game opened with a big bang with the sellout crowd of 11,000 filling the stadium at Rome, Italy. It was not your typical pre season game. There were of joy and excitement from both teams. In fact , both coaches satisfied the fans by playing their respective stars longer than normal for a pre season game.Good for the paying public. Anyway , here are some notable observations :

1. the stadium the 2 teams played does'nt have a Jumbotron or Gigante screen hanging in the roof to watch the replays of spectacular plays.

2. one has to take a flight of stairs to reach the locker rooms. For the losing team , that's like climbing a mountain !

3. the Celts Big Baby Davis has tiny ears for such a huge man .No wonder , Big Baby got hit by a car in Rome. The guy has difficulty hearing the beep beep of the car with those baby ears !

4. the Raps' rookie Jamario Moon showed his extraordinary vertical jump in at least 2 plays yeaterday. It's like Moon can reach the moon with his jumping ability.

5. I doubt if Celtics guard Rondo (4 pts./25 mins) can hold on to the starting PG position. Wait , the Cs traded or waived all their other point guards ( Telfair, West and Ray). But they still have solid PGs in the person of GM Danny Ainge and coach Doc Rivers . If the 2 play , will they count against the team's salary cap ? Just askin.

6. Joey Graham proclaimed earlier that this will be his breakout season. That's if Sam let Joey break out a sweat first . The guy played 14 mins only and intermittently at that in this game !

7. All things Italian were given louder applause than normal in the intro. Native son Andrea Bargnani , Garbajosa (played for Benneton ) and even coach Sam Mitchell ( in his customary Italian suit ). Wonder why Brian Scalibrine did'nt get one. Have'nt they've heard of the curly blond or red haired Italian boy ! Think Sonny Corleone (James Caan) of the Godfather fame


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