Friday, September 28

Grading B.C.'s Pre Season Acqusitions .

The new season is about to begin . So far , Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo's moves to strengten the team failed to pass the grade. B.C. must strenthen the bench instead . Yeah , like put more nails to it as more players will sit on it with their fat asses growing bigger every game . Let's list down B.C's moves : acquired other teams discards- Carlos Delfino from the Pistons and journeyman Maceo Baston from the Pacers , paid a lot of money ( $24M/4 y ) for former Heat Jason Kapono ( while refusing to do the same for long serving Raptor Mo Pete ) , added no name players like Ukic , Prientzis and Moon ( for no game ones like Sow and Slokar) and lastly , resigned vertically and velocity challenged Darrick Martin . Grading these moves , you can say that the current NBA's Executive Of The Year is not smarter than a 5th grader !
Let's examine B.C.'s last signing. I just can't see why Colangelo would want Martin again . The UCLA grad is there only before as Sam's boy (toy) versus possible players' rebellion despite the coach claim for need of his veteran leadership at the point guard position. They say that Martin can continue to guide the young Raptors PGs , TJ Ford and Jose Calderon. Bull. These 2 are not rookies . TJ will now be a 4 year veteran while the 26 years old Jose will be in his 3rd year in the NBA not counting his many years playing overseas as a pro. Besides , I don't think the 2 listen to Martin anyway. Martin is nothing more than a cheerleader on the bench. Everyone knows how the guy claps his hands , give high 5's , and do the rah rah thing. In that case , B.C. should have just appointed DMart as Dino's ( Raptors' mascot) sidekick. Like Barney Ruble of the Flintstones. The 15th slot in the team should have been given to a Canadian baller. Yeah , B.C . Letting go of DMart is the SMart thing to do !

B.C.: Hmm . Maybe I should have just added this guy to put the Raptors over the (carrot) top !


Blogger Ty said...

Funny.Carrot Top is one scary dude !!

1:22 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

agreed, bc's offseason has been a bit dissapointing. he can still salvage it with a move or two during the regular season...hopefully...what do i know?

4:46 PM  
Blogger john said...

Barney Martin is awesome man.Does that guy still play?

11:59 AM  

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