Wednesday, September 19

GarboJose , RestYonovich , BargNanny After EuroBasket.

Now it's all over . Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo can breath a sigh of relief. Or can he really ? What did the Eurobasket participation of several Raptors proved anyway ? To their native countries , it meant these guys are 'nationalistic'. To Raptors executives , it meant 2 things . Unnecessary risks and 'complications' really . Let me explain as only a non homer could . Colangelo said participation in such an event is good and can't be avoided. ' If they were not playing basketball or working on their game , what would they be doing ?' They could be resting and making themselves healthy for the sake of the fans that pay good money to see them play .How's that . Now Garbajosa is scheduled to undergo a series of surgery. Granted that Garbo is slated to do this anyway , don't you think it is wise to rest his injured leg rather than subject these to wear and tear. Let's make that wear and tears to Raptors fans .Talking about rest , RestYo Nestorovich , I mean , the 31 year old Rasho N. should have just rested himself this summer to rejuvenate his aging body instead of playing his hearts out. For what . Nada. It's different when say an aged Jason Kidd chose to participate in Team USA. Kidd hardly played more than 15 minutes on a team full of superstars. Slovenia , Rasho's country , is full of slow ballers like him finishing 7th in the tournament .
Now lets go to my other worry. Jose Calderon's excellent play in the recently concluded EuroBasket will present a dilemna for coach Sam Mitchell. Is Jose a starting point guard or a back up ? Will TJ Ford accept a back up role assuming Sam makes Jose his premiere PG ? I know that the 24-24 mins. sharing won't be acceptable anymore . I know that Jose will shout for more minutes now.
The only thing I could say the EuroBasket revealed was that Andrea BargNanny needs further nurturing. He was a big dissapointment in this tournament. Something to do with his aching back . However , Asst. GM Mauricio Gheradini said its because BargNanny found it too much to carry the Italian team on his back.No wonder Bargnani's back is aching.What does it mean to the Raptors fans ? The guy is not yet ready to be a leader or co share the team leadership with Chris Bosh this coming season . He's still a baby , babee .

Andrea : one bottle of milk please .


Blogger Ty said...

I don't agree with you that the Euro Raptors should stay idle during off season.An injury can happen even when practising.These guys know how to take care of themselves.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Ahem said...

nonse.the team is stronger because of the raptors participation in the eurobasket. i'm not a homer for writing this.

8:41 AM  

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