Wednesday, August 29

Bouncing Ball 32.0

1. Ol' Oak Tree. Ex Raptor Charles Oakley was in Pardon The Interruption last night for a 5 minute interview. Oak reiterated his readiness to play in the NBA again. The hosts said something that I suspected all along. Charles Oakley is peddling his 1st book. ' How much of your supposed comeback has to do with your upcoming book release ? asked Tony K. Oakley, who owns several car wash operations , did not answer directly but instead gave the equivalent of his behind the back wayward pass he came to be known during his playing days in TO. Oak, admit that you are a (car) wash out !

2. Atlanta's Mount Rushmore . A journalist of the Atlanta Constitution said disgraced Michael Vick, football and baseball star Deion Sanders, and former Hawks great Dominique Wilkins are the equivalent of those people up there in Mount Rushmore as far as the sporting scene in Atlanta was concern.The sad truth was all 3 did not finish their careers there in the south. Atlanta traded Deion and 'Nique while Vick's football career was suddenly halted. 'Nique is back in town as the VP for the Hawks who despite a talented lineup are still at the bottom of the err.. NBA mountain . There is one other Hawks great that the Atlanta Constitution forgot to mention. Mt. Mutombo belongs to Atlanta's Mt. Rushmore !

3. MySpace Is Your Space. The social networking scene has caught on among athletes. How many NBA players have blogs and MySpace accounts ? . Too many thats why the league must soon institute do's and don't in the posting of materials . In the college scene , one university has invited a computer expert to conduct a seminar on the proper use of their athlete's site to avoid breaking any NCAA rules . Would the NBA be far behind ? Comm. Stern, in the light of the Tim D. case , must insure that vital information is not transmitted to unsavory characters willingly and unwillingly. Stuff like who is hurt and who is drunk the night before a game !


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