Wednesday, August 22

Bouncing Ball 30.0

1. Why Bosh Quit ? Some people say that Raptor Chris Bosh quit Team USA rather than be cut eventually from the selection that will compete come next summer's Beijing Olympics . The same was said of the Bulls' Kirk Henrick who became 'expendable' with the addition of premiere point guards Jason Kidd and Chauncey Billups. It is expected that come next year , Kevin Garnett , Greg Oden , T Mac and even Tim 'No More Olympics For Me' Duncan will change their minds and agree to join the team making Bosh the odd man out especially if Team USA has less than sterling performance in the FIBA Americas Qualifying Tournament due to start tonight. ' The huge China market is just too enormous to ignore' said one marketing man. Expect Nike , Reebok , Sprite etc. to apply enough (money) pressure to their endorsers .

2. Doggone World. The Michael Vick saga is likely to end in the incarceration for the Atlanta Falcons quarterback. Almost all sports personalities interviewed following report of Vick's incoming guilty plea related to dogfighting, including teammates , said that Vick's actions were unforgivable . The Knicks' Stephon Marbury was the lone voice of 'support' . Starbury thinks that dogfighting is a sport ! I tell you what . China's Yao (Rockets) and Ji (Bucks) and Korea's Ha (former Trailblazers) may think that Vick is only practicing an age old custom in some Asian countries (see photo) not to mention that dog meat is a delicacy over there.

3. Who's Who . Lakers' Kobe Bryant and the Heat's Gary Payton are included in the list of celebrities covered by a court subpoena regarding a profiling case filed in Michigan High Court. Both whites anf African American are in the list . The increase in violence in Toronto and Vancouver , was attributed by Canadian officials as due to the influence of rap artists . It might be recalled that Payton with fellow baller , Sam Cassel, were themselves sued in the Ontario court for their involvement in a bar fracas when the 2 were still members of the Milwaukee Bucks. Why the subpoena left Cassell ? I guess its effective to planet Earth inhabitants only !


Blogger alex said...

KG, Oden, T-Mac and Duncan in '08? I don't think that's what Team USA basketball is going for in terms of the "program" they are trying to develop. And I don't think Oden would be rated above Bosh next summer.

Interesting though...

3:37 PM  
Blogger coach said...

It depends on how Oden will perform in his rookie year.Remember,Team USA will need his defense and rebounding more than Bosh scoring punch.

7:34 PM  
Blogger che said...

We'll never know the real reason behind Bosh withdrawal from Team USA.
It intrigues me that Chris chose to opt out of the team this late.

8:03 PM  

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