Tuesday, June 26

Bouncing Ball 27.0

1. Raptors Favored ? In the NBA Show at ESPN , the Toronto was mentioned as among the favorites in the Eastern conference along with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the next season of the NBA . Not so fast . The composition of every team can changed dramatically in the next few days because of the draft and looming trades in the works . We at may still find Kobe , KG and Pau Gasol amongst the players in this part of the NBA or even worst for the Raps , the Atlantic Division . Pau or KG may end up with the Celts and Kobe with the Knicks .

2. Age Does Not Matter Or Does It ? This morning while watching Mike And Mike on Espn News , I heard for the upteenth time that probable top draft pick Greg Oden is a 19 teener who looks like a 40 year old ( not a virgin , I hope ). They say the same thing about Lebron James when he was entering the NBA . Oden looks much older than his age because of his beard , his height and overall appearance . James looked older 'coz his well developed body . Like did you see MJ when he 1st came to the NBA . He was 1/2 the size he was in the latter years in the league . But why are the NBA watchers doubting the Chinese prospect , Yi Jilian , when he said he is only 19 years old . They think he is actually 22 years old. Maybe Yi is telling the truth . Yi is only 19 years old based on the Chinese calendar !

3. No Way Jose ?. Can the Raps afford to part ways with the popular Jose Calderon ? Why not , said some of the Rapswatchers , if the team can bring in a power forward that the team sorely needs . Actually , B.C. is more likely to let go of Jose than TJ Ford .TJ is his man . He let go of Charlie Villanueva to acquire TJ while the Spanish PG was ( former GM ) Rob Babcock's European acquisition . I got an idea . Send Jose with the others to the Timberwolves where RB is a VP in exchage for KG . But KG will threaten to opt out after 1 year ?. It's OK . At least we get a year of him . Remember , Billups was only here for haff a season and Alonzo did not even come . The 2 became members of the championship teams after that !



Toronto is not that bad a team. Any team with Bosh will win its share of games. Brian Colangelo will help build the best Canadian NBA team ever.

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