Wednesday, June 20

Bouncing Ball 26.0

1. DelfiNO Trouble ? . So the Raptors acquired it's 1 st Argentine baller in the person of former Detroit Pistons' Carlos Delfino . Yesterday , it was reported that CD passed the physical to seal the trade .The question is , will he fit with the young , docile Raptors. Delfino has some beef with the Argentine national basketball coach that's why he was not in the list of invited NBAers which included the Spurs' Manu Ginobli and the Bulls' Andres Nacioni . Anyway , first the NBA crown ( Manu ) . Then , the US Open ( Cabrera ) . Raps fans are hoping that the Argentine magic will continue .

2. TV Or Not TV. The report said the Colorado Rockies management is said to have raised the price of beer and admission to the Rockies' stadium for the coming visit of the New York Yankees . Despite such moves , the place is sold out . Attendance is expected at 51,000 , up from the regular average of 24,000 spectators. This is not to mention that Yankees gamea are always on ESPN . Why not . You've got an All Star cast in the NY lineup . This what Raptors fans fail to grasp up to now . They keep asking why ABC or TNT or ESPN failed to pick up even a single regular season game of the team . Until the Raps become an excitibg team with bonafide superstar (again - early VC era ) . there is no way we will get US television coverage . And to think that some fans were wishing for a Raps-Spurs finals ! Duncan vs. Bosh ! . The TV ratings will surely be much worse !

3. Kilometric Eric . Listening to the Raptors radio guy Eric Smith conduct an interview makes me puke . Is that guy being paid by the number of words he utters ? Smith's questions to his interviewees are not only leading but super loooooong . It's good the original question is still there somewhere after he completes his 'narration' ! The funny thing is that he would often advice the other part(ies) to keep their answers short. Like in last week's Hoops simulcast in Fan 590 and Raptors TV , Eric advised his interviewee that the portion has only 45 sec left . Good . Understood . After that , Eric then asked his usual kilometric question lasting like eternity ! When the interviewee began anwering the question , Eric cut him and said ' Sorry , we've run out of time . Thank you ' . F--k you !


Blogger Sam said...

There is no one in the Raptors organization who is capable of conducting a proper interview, give an unbiased/useful analysis, or generally not being an annoying ass (Jack Armstrong being the closest thing we have to a analyst).

10:58 AM  
Blogger arsenalist said...

Yup, Jack is the best.

I don't agree with the "get a star and then we put you on tv" theory. The Clippers, Bucks and Hawks had more TV appearances than us. How does that work? I get your overall point that you need to be decent before you're on TV but the Raptors get shortchanged every year.

I used to like Eric Smith but he's become very boring, even The Wrap on the Fan is hard to listen to. Believe it or not, I wait for Paul Jones to say something now...

9:11 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

the raptors are definately in bigger markets than the hawks and bucks, but the clippers get a huge following, just being in la. doesnt matter how crappy they are.

i just hope this team kicks it up a few notches, and gets espn/tnt coverage. slim pickings for now...

5:34 PM  

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