Tuesday, May 1

What Will VC Do ?

WWVCD ? Is Vince Carter going to destroy the Raptors in front of an angry ACC crowd ? Will VC stick it to the bewildered fans like he did when he sank that last second 3 point shot resulting in a Nets' win in the regular season ? Maybe Vince will be gentle to the Raptors . Maybe. ' Vince will find another gear ' said his partner in crime , Jason Kidd. Despite Nets' coach Lawrence Frank it the game is not all about Vince , as far as some folks in TO are concern , it's Vince. Yes , Jason Kidd or Richard Jefferson or both can beat their beloved team , but not Vinsanity or they will go insane ! The Nets deadly duo will have none of that though. ' We're just trying to make plays for ourselves , but also each other '. Carter said . ' We feed off each other. We play well off each other '. Typical of Vince . Not like TMac who brashly said to ESPN's Stephen Smith that he is the Man in Houston. Not big man Yao or not the 2 of them . Just he alone. That if the Rockets don't make it to the 2nd round ( they lead the Jazz, 3-2 ) , blame TMac !. TMac Did not say he'll return part of his enormous salary if the team fail !
The Raptors are not giving up without a fight. ' It can be done ' said 'ol man Wayne Embry , the team's VP. Mo Pete said they will prove their critics wrong . Let's see. The Phoenix Suns did it against the Lakers last season . They is only one thing that the Suns have that the Raptors don't have . The Suns have Raja Bell. The Raptors don't have anyone gutsy enough the clothesline VC like Bell did to Kobe in game 5 of the series won by the former team of now Raptors GM , Bryan Colangelo. So WWVCD ? Hang his suit so it will look good for the post game conference that's what !


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