Tuesday, April 24

Sam A Coy COY Awardee

Coach Sam Mitchell has been named the NBA's Coach Of The Year today. In a press conference arranged by the Raptors organization this noon , Sam said the award is due to team effort. ' This is for the players , coaches and all people in the organization ' said Sam to the members of the press. No Sam . This one is for you. In the same manner as the unofficial title as the NBA's worst coach last year was yours alone. Even your kid said so. 'My kid went home and asked me if it's true that I was the worst coach in the NBA. Somebody in school told her that'. ' narrated Sam of last year's experience. ' I don't read the papers ' . he said when asked how he handled the vicious things written about him. Vicious is the right word because TO's press is exactly that. I recalled sending one sportwriter (?) a scathing e mail for describing then Raptors coach Lenny Wilkens as having the smell of formaldehyde.
So I say to Sam , accept it as due to your efforts and dedication to your work . Show the Red Aurbach trophy to all especially to members of the press. Remember that of all the individual awards the NBA hands out, the coach of the year award has the shortest life span . The award is effective only for 3 years at best for many awardees . Consider that included in the list of COY awardees in the last few years are Doc Rivers , Rick Carlisle and Larry Brown. Even last years COY awardee , Avery Johnson (shown holding the COY trophy here) , would be in trouble if hands on fav Dallas Mavericks fail to beat the GS Warriors in the 1st round (the Mavs are down 0-1) . When asked where he will put the Coach Of The Year trophy , Sam said ' My wife will take care of that '. Hmmm.I hope she will not put it on eBay next year !


Blogger john said...

I hope Mitchell's joy last longer than Doc and Carlisle.If I am him, I'll send each member of the press a mini replica of the trophy.For keepsakes.

P.S. your press is like here in the Big Apple - attack dogs !

4:54 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

Well deserved award.
As to the Mavs,they should come back in the next game.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

As hard as I have been on Mitchell, he really deserves it. He was able to integrate 9 new players, win 47 games, win the atlantic and get home court for the first round of the playoffs. Not an easy task considering he was a lame duck. You have to appreciate that about him.

10:13 AM  
Blogger arsenalist said...

This is the biggest farce ever. As I said on the RaptorsTalk blog, it's a good thing because he'll be in demand and leave. This team will be much better with a real coach.

Before I get ripped for this, I challenge anybody to name me three real plays that we have.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

1. High Pick and roll - get roller with pass for jumper/drive to rack
2. High Pick and roll - fake pass and shoot
3. High Pick and roll - fake pass and take it to the rack
4. High pick and roll - swing ball around until someone is open for a shot

...there...four, lol.

I don't think we have had any plays since Butch Carter. I was going to say Lenny Wilkens, but he doesn't really run plays either.

1:16 PM  
Blogger coach said...

I think Sam knows he has still a long way to go as a real coach.He knows that his 'strength' is more in his ability to reach out to 'new' and young players and NOT all players. Notice how Sam 'disliked' vet Raptors from the time he came into the picture as a Raptors coach 'till now (Mo Pete).
This strategy (babysitting w/ little coaching) can only take Sam so far.At some pt. in time, those n&y Raptors will demand more coaching techniques or they will tune him out !

9:32 AM  

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