Monday, April 23

Toronto Fans Have Too High Expectations.

Toronto folks were not totally dissatisfied with the result of Game 1 won by the Nets over the Raptors . As bad (?) as the Raptors played , the score was not lopsided, 91-96. ' We did not give our best efforts except maybe TJ Ford and yet we only lost by 5 points and even had the opportunity to seize the lead ' said Eric Smith of Raptors radio team . Actually, the Raptors did not play too bad , shooting 41% against 42% of the Nets. Bad is like how the Dallas Mavericks played last night. Or how the Spurs shot against the Nuggets in the 1st half of their game . Toronto folks forgot one thing . This is the playoffs. No one gets open shots like Andrea Bargnani got in boatloads in the regular season. They said that Andrea was not his usual self in Game 1. That's true. It's because the Nets swarmed him like bees to honey. Like paparazzis to Britney Spears . Poor Andrea . The graceful and deadly 3 point shooter was reduced to a fumbling fool. He's like poetry in commotion as Andrea was not able to jack up his long toms . The few times he tried to shoot , Andrea's shots were ugly and his poise awkward . In one play , Andrea was by surrounded by 3 Nets causing him to lose the ball. What about Joey Graham ? Joey was rattled to death. ' We were frantic ' said Chris Bosh . That's the problem . Sam could have prepared Mo Pete to assume the role that he's given to Joey. Unfortunately, Sam reduced the veteran Raptor to a benchwarmer. It would take a miracle to motivate him now. Mo Pete could be a lot of help in this series. Maybe he still will. So, the 2 guys that could help the Raptors' cause, Andrea and Mo Pete are totally unprepared. Not playoff ready. The first is out of condition from lack of playing in the regular season following a long rest and the latter from too much rest.The rest of the story will surely follow.
Raptors fans should not forget that this team is not expected to be in the playoffs this season. The fact that the team is #3 in the Eastern Conference and the Atlantic Division titleholder were huge accomplishments already. However , it kind of raised the fans' expectations. Many fans think that the Raps will compete for the Eastern Conference crown while some swear that they will battle for the whole enchilada - the NBA crown. Calm down. Bryan Colangelo is a very good GM but he's no miracle worker. Even God took 7 days to create the world. Chuck Swirsky is so sure the Raps will win their series with the Nets. However , Swirsky is such a homer that a fan thought his first name was Homer. The voice of the Raptors is convinced that the Raptors are better than the Nets. What if they lose again in Game 2 , are the Raps going to be swept ? ' If the Nets do that to the Raptors in this series, I would sweep the front of Rogers building ' Homer Swirsky said in his radio program today. Would anyone join Chuck ? God did not create all men to be sweepers too !

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Blogger arsenalist said...

Yeah, I'm not digging the homerism by Swirsky. I agree that we will win this series though.

Andrea was fumbling man. I think it was rust though, he's had time to reflect and will come back strong.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

LOL.Homer Simpson Swirsky !
They will play better in Game 2.Guaranteed.All they have to do is 'swing' the ball.Anthony Parker was right to remind his fellow players to do that in game 1.They win when the Raps allow 3-4 touches before attempting.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

the raised expectations are definitely a problem, especially with winning the atlantic. but everything has to be taken with a grain of salt right?

my problem is with how they were coached and played during the game. it was really telling for me when in transition, bosh was the trailer on the play, and he ran down the court, got a pass from ford, and popped an errant three. he didnt take that shot all year, but decided to do it in game 1 of the playoffs.

i agree with the general consensus about winning game 2. and i agree with the general consensus (in the blogosphere at least) about homer swirsky. wish we could do something about the latter.

7:16 PM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

No said they were too high!!!!

Have a great week Coach!

8:19 PM  
Blogger che said...

To wear or not to wear red on Tuesday that is the dilemna by Raps fans.
To Sam , will the Raps continue to play Raptorball or adjust their game ? Let us see if Sam deserves to be the coach of the year!

10:58 PM  
Blogger Nelson said...


Yes expectations are high. But as you said, Bargnani and Graham just didn't show up and Mitchell probably should have got Graham the hell out of there.

But at the end of the day Raptors fans just don't want to lose playing well under their potential.

Agreed that the series isn't over. But, when you get in the whole and turn game 2 into a must win against a lower seeded team - understandable dissapointment.

- Raptors in six

12:03 AM  
Blogger coach said...

The Raps must win game 2.I see 2 things that can happen today :

1. the Raps will beat the Nets by the hair or

2. We will lose by a w i d e margin.That I based on how a 'new' team responds to a big challege.

Hopefully. the first one will come true.WThe team and its fans deserve it !

9:10 AM  

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