Tuesday, April 10

Raptors Cage KG And 'Wolves

Anthony Parker punished the Minnesota Timberwolves last night with accurate bombings to lead the Raptors to a 111-100 win and 4th straight victory. Seven Raps scored in double figures and coach Sam Mitchell kept his perfect record , 6-0, against his former team. ' A lot of pick and roll ' said Wolves rook Randy Foye. And a lot more 3 point shots ! Especially in the 4th quarter. The Raptors broke open a close game when the Timberwolves shifted to a zone defense . Perfect. The Raps especially AP made them pay . He scored a team high 24 points , 15 of them in the 3 point area. The Wolves are really fucked up . Don't they know that a game ago , AP burned the Bulls from the same spots of the court. What's the use of scouting reports ? I guess next time the scouts need to put A&P store signs on all 4 corners of the court !
The game last night told me that the KG era in Minnesota is coming to an end. The Raps were lucky they caught Kevin in an off night according to former mentor Mitchell. Off night ? I think KG called it quits several games ago. There is no more fight left in him eversince the Wolves were out of the playoffs. KG just registered 17 points and 10 rebounds and was outplayed by the combined efforts of Raps' big guys, Chris Bosh (16 pts.,13 reb.) and Rasho Nestorovich (12 pts.,7 reb.) .It's just too bad KG is not like NBC's shock jock Don Imus . Despite the contoversy resulting from his stupid remarks about the Rutgers womens basketball team , Imus refused to quit.

Don Imus : I just beat Rutgers by my stupid remarks. AP's sister, Candance , beat them for the NCAA crown !


Blogger Sam said...

I'm not very keen on the 18 Parkerville Court nickname. That has to be one of the worst I have heard, possibly ever. AP sticks dagger after dagger in you, and deserves a better name than that.

You can't help but to feel really bad for KG. I don't understand people like McHale and Ainge. They have elite players surrounded by the wrong players.

Imus is an idiot. Although, in his defense, I don't think he's a racist...he's just an idiot. He doesn't even know what nappy means.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Nelson said...

Hey.... lets give Parker a new name courtesy of the blogosphere....

Here are some names to throw around

Tony P,
Park bench,
A Park,
Big Brother,
Fresh Produce.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

surprisingly, i vote daggers.

5:02 PM  
Blogger john said...

Did you see the Rurgers team press con?Don Imus is really in trouble.These girls are nice.Why did Imus spoiled their joy of being the NCAA runner ups.

7:05 PM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

We used to have A & P stores here, but haven't in years and years and years.
Have a great week Coach!

9:25 PM  
Blogger bermandanny said...

The whole year parker has been maybe the raptors most consistent player and best defender...its no surpise that lately he is on a tear...he does all the little things on the court that no one seems to talk about...i can see him deflecting passes, making key steales and passes...just does everything right and smart...congrats to him!!!

2:07 AM  
Blogger coach said...

AP is a revelation to me.At the START of the season, he can't buy a basket. Well not really. But he needed 'plenty of CASH' to buy one . Now , He is a consistent 20 pt. man.And just like Garbo, he's an all around guy.
Yah, Daggers will be an appro tag for AP.
KG said Spree and Casell were part of his best supporting cast ever.I agree.They went as far as the Western FINALS .
Don Imus was crazy to say what he said.He tried to be funny but , he's an idiot for saying that to Rutgers WB team.
I watched the press con and the coach really made IMUS looked ignoraMUS !

9:27 AM  

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