Saturday, March 31

Raps Win Again. Wiz's Ruffin On Suicide Watch ?

The Toronto Raptors beat another potential 1st round playoffs opponents last night.They disposed of the Wizards in overtime, 123 - 118 . Chris Bosh continued his mastery of the Wiz's big men as he scored 38 big points and 14 rebounds to end the 2 team's series at 3-1 in favor of the Raps. 'You've just have to keep going. We're trying to win all our remaining games.We just would not give up.' declared Bosh who scored 8 points and blocked Gilbert Arenas' last sec shot in overtime to assure his team's 40th victory. Bosh has been virtually unstoppable when he played the Wiz. Before last night, in a 119-107 Raptors win,Bosh scored 34 pts. and at one point made 15 straight baskets. On Jan.7 game which the Raps won also , Bosh registered 24 pts. and 15 rebs.Hey,the way Bosh played the Wiz, he practically owned them.The Washington team is the Wizards of Bosh !.
What made this loss a bitter pill to swallow for the Wiz was they could have won if not for Michael Ruffin's boo boo in the dying seconds of the regulation period.' Honestly,I tipped it because I was thinking there was a short clock ' said Ruffin.' It was the natural reaction to throw it up in the air ' he added. Honestly, it will be the natural reaction for your coach to kill you. Mo Pete caught the so called Ruffin's tip (?) and made a crazy 3 pointer to send the game into O.T. and a loss which has playoffs implications. Ruffin was a picture of a lonely dude as shown on ESPN's Sportscenter highlights . Ruffin was all alone. He was like US Attorney General Gonzales in the Washington now because the other day. he was practically left to the wolves by his boss, Bush. One can say that by insuring a Raptors victory in overtime, Ruffin was left to the wolves too by the Raptors' boss, Bosh !

Bush : Yohoo. I'm not the most unpopular guy in Washington now !


Blogger Sam said...

man, that was ridiculous. from the tv angle, it looked like the ball was going to fly into the 20th row. what bad luck man, he could have done anything else with it, and the wizard lose that game.

i am starting to get nervous seeing bosh log so many minutes. i know it is out of necessity, but at this point, we have the atlantic locked up, guaranteed the 4th (hopefully the 3rd seed), and need bosh for the playoffs. we should get luke jackson on the floor some, see what the kid can do. as well as pap and slokar, might be worth a management meeting.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

Kudos to Mo Pete for his presence of mind.Will Sam give more playing time today?

2:09 PM  
Blogger che said...

Some may say the Raps are lucky.To be good and lucky at the same time,we'll take that.We fans deserved to be rewarded for our patience.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

hell yea che. i will take lucky and good, then crappy anyday.

11:36 PM  
Blogger john said...

Ruffin must in very big trouble.He's a marginal player and you really need to be almost perfect to hold on to your job.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

I feel bad for him, but you don't showboat in this league unless you are top tier. Clearly Ruffin isn't.

11:46 AM  
Blogger coach said...

sam-the ball clearly slipped thru his hands.
he could just hold on to the ball.i don't know why ruffin ...
rest bosh ? i don't see that happenning as long as the raps have the chance to move up to no.2 spot.

f.m.- let's hope sam will use mo pete more often.i'm sure sam will find him useful come playoff time.

che- it's better to be lucky,to be good and to be a raps fans nowadays !
sam : crappy days are over now.

che : ruffin's fate depends on the fate of the wiz in the playoff.

sam : it's really a dumb move by ruffin.was he on the take , one will

2:21 PM  

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