Wednesday, March 21

Chris Bosh Needs To Show Tough Side.

The Raptors caught the injury bug finally. Most teams in the Atlantic Division were hit by injuries or player issues early in the season. Boston (Pierce. Wally etc.) , Philly ( AI ) , New York ( Lee , Crawford) and New Jersey ( Jefferson, Kristic). ' We have our share of injuries but these were short ' said coach Sam Mitchell in the radio interview this morning . ' When Chris Bosh went out , we managed to have a record of 6- 6 ' added Mitchell who sounded upbeat despite the early morning call . It must be because of the positive USA Today feature on him the day before. The Raptors did well in the stretch without Chris Bosh and later on ,T.J. Ford . In fact , Memphis GM Jerry West said to his boys to emulate the Raptors who continue to play well despite the absence of their main man (Bosh) . The Grizzlies were missing center Pau Gasol the first weeks of the season. Memphis contiued to struggle, so out went coach Mike Fratello.
The latest debacles - Andrea Bargnani' apendectomy plus Mo Pete's samplayme and Anthony Parker's recurring ankle injury coupled with Joey Graham's recurring timidity - came at a good time. That's what Jack Armstrong said . He reckoned with 2nd placed Nets still struggling and the Raptors ahead by 5 games , Toronto is practically assured of 1st place in the Atlantic Division. Nevertheless , this is the time for the Raptors to show some toughness. Especially Chris Bosh . ' I've failed to play my best games lately '. said Bosh . Yes sir . You failed to demand the ball more from your teammates. I say it's time to bring your 'A' game , Chris . But for some Raptors fans , your ' B ' game is enough. Bosh's Bossy game !


Blogger Sam said...

samplayme...that is the funniest thing I have read in a long time, hahaha.

with jefferson back, the nets can make a run, but that team is hard to predict. i am glad i havent been a nets fan since coleman and kenny anderson were playing there. how dissapointing, injuries aside, to have kidd, carter and jefferson, and be that bad.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Poor job BY the magic.They lost to the Raptors even with 3 key guys missing in the Toronto line up.

10:19 PM  
Blogger che said...

Morris Peterson must get out of this funk.The Raptors need him.Leave the ego back in Flint,MI.

9:57 AM  

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