Friday, March 9

Bouncing Balls 18.0

1. Basketball Politics. Somebody asked me why I don't give props to the Republican presidential nominees . I actually find them boring except perhaps for Mormon Milt Romney . Yes , the former Governor of Massachuttes is the darkhorse in this race to be the standard bearer of the Republican Party. Why I dig the guy ? It's because Romney signed the bill proclaiming basketball as the official sport of the state of Massachusettes during his time as the Governor of that state . That's really cool considering the tradition of baseball ( Red Sox ) and football ( Patriots ) in the area .
2. No NBA , No AI . Last night , Jared Cotter was voted off the most popular TV show in U.S.A. His rendition of a Stevie Wonder song failed to garner him enough votes to be included in the Top 12 . Inclusion in the magic group assures one of a year long concert tour with the other finalists of American Idol aside from an AI CD. Cotter is a former Division II basketball player who switched to singing when he felt his game will not take him to the NBA . Well , there is always the D league young man .
3. Reunion In New York ? Former Raptors GM and now Knicks Vice President Glen Grunwald converted to Canadian citizenship when he was still with the Raptors . Now that Glen is based in New York , would he cut ties with his adopted land ? Not likely . Grunwald is married to a newspaperwoman working for the Toronto Sun . Before accepting Isiah Thomas offer , he was connected with a government institution . He is currently the chairman of a soon to open basketball facility in Canada named Hoop Dome . I think , Glen and the Knicks will take take a shot at acquiring New Jersey's Vince Carter this summer. Grunwald has a very good relationship with VC's Mom . That counts a lot .


Blogger Foto Man said...

VC in New York ? Not if Dolan can't offer him the max conytracy .

12:14 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Tge Neys lost again last night . The Ailantic is all yours .

1:13 PM  

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