Monday, March 5

Bosh, Beware Of Dogs !

Toronto sportswriters known for being vicious have been rather tame to the Toronto Raptors . One hockey fan asked why coach Sam Mitchell is spared of criticisms lavishly heaped on the hockey coach ? Even when the Raptors were doing badly early in the season . This despite Sam's seemingly arrogant manner he treats the local sports scribes . I say seemingly because I'm quite sure to basketball fans , Sam is a teddy bear. I met Sam several times and he was very accomodating .
I think the reason for the seemingly kind ways the media people covering the Raptors is because of their respect for Raptors' GM Bryan Colangelo . Also because most of them appear in Raptors TV's programs . One can see these sportdwriters in such shows as Floor Level etc. . It's safe to assume that they get something for appearing in these shows. Criticize and you will be circumsize..... from Raptors TV ! To those who are familiar with Toronto media , this is an abrupt turnaround . It's like Paris Hilton suddenly shying away from publicity . Or so I think . Yesterday , the attack dogs of TO's media reared their ugly teeth after the Raptors lost 2 games in a row. The most vicious of them, who had been laying low the last few months , Dave Fechuk of the Toronto Star wrote:

Bosh was either worn out or just plain lazy . For the 2nd game in a row , Bosh put in a performance that did'nt befit the franchise player of a playoff team '

He added further :

He did'nt set the tone . he tossed a half hearted layup that was blocked by Ilgaukas the Cavs' slow footed 7 footer, missed seven of his first 10 shots and the Raptors stumbled to a 30-23 first quarter deficit.'

Worse, Fechuk descibed Bosh like he was talking about Vince Carter .

' He did'nt lead a turnaround . At the moment he should have been giving his head a shake and reassesing his attack , Bosh kept gunning from the long range '

There is one writer who compared TO's sports media to that of New York's . In fact, he said it's much worse because for such a smaller market , it's more concentrated in Toronto . That's why I posted a week ago a warning to Bosh that TO's media built him as an anti Vince and placed him high up the pedestal so soon . When will the same folks destroy him ? It appears I don't I don't have to wait that long !


Blogger john said...

Media in all NBA cities are the same .They are all assholes .

6:09 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

It's VC all over again . Andrea Bargnani is the new love of Toronto .

8:10 PM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

Hey Coach!
Like your new profile picture.
Hope your team wins!
Have a great week!

9:15 PM  

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