Sunday, February 25

Double Victory , Double Joy.

It was a great back to back wins for the Toronto Raptors . Last Friday night , the Raps made mincemeat of the Indiana Pacers , 110 - 88. Chris Bosh handilly beat his counterpart on the other team , Jermaine O'neal ( 23 pts./12 reb. to 17 pts./8 reb.) while Jorge Garbajosa contributed 16 points to the destruction of the Pacers. Toronto fans were ecstatic as their team avenged the loss last time the 2 teams met . They even chanted MVP! MVP! MVP! when Bosh was in the free throw line . This show of love for CB4 from the crowd surprised the Indiana basketball Analyst , Quinn Buckner . ' That's a little premature ' remarked the ex member of the Pacers. Meaning , Bosh is still young and it's not his time yet. But it's time for the Pacers to be owned by the Raps this season (2-1) !
Last night , it was the Charlotte Bobcats turn to feel the wrath of the Raptors . After a close 1st half in which Chris Bosh spent most of his time sitting on the bench , the Raps blew the game wide open in the final half and won pulling away , 93 - 76. Chris Bosh scored all of his 24 points in the final half. What really surprised me was the seemingly easy way that TJ Ford and Jose Calderon , who combined for 31 points , penetrated Charlotte's defense . The 2 drove to the basket relentlessly even when Charlotte's big men were still there ( Okafor and Wallace sat the 2nd half of the game due to injuries ). Charlotte needs a better web to trap pests like Jose and TJ !

Charlotte :
Charles , tell your friend MJ , his team stinks !


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I bet things are rosy in Toronto right now.

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