Thursday, February 22

Bouncing Balls 15.0

1. Charkes Barkley In 2014. I watched Chuck's interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN yesterday . It seems that Barkley is pushing through with his plan to enter the world of politics in 2014 . He said he is an Independent but he supports Democrat Barack Obama. I don't think Charles will win . Why ? He offended the moralists for his big time gambling . And also , Charles turned off the 65 and over folks by beating 67 yr. old Dick Bavetta in a foot race !
2. Clydespeak. I always have a lot of fun listening to former Knicks great Walt ' Clyde ' Frazier do the basketball analysis for MSG/Knicks TV . Clyde has a different set of words to describe the actions on the court . Examples of how Cylde described the actions in last night's New York-Philadelphis game are as follow :

Francis laboriouly works his way to the basket .

James was bedevilled by plantar fasciitis for a long time.

3. Cylde Will Glide.
The next set of participants of ABC's popular Dancing With The Stars show. was announced . Among them are Layla Ali the boxer , Heather Mills , Paul McCartney estranged wife , Ono the Olympic chapion skater and Cylde Drexler , the former Trailblazer and Rocket . Clyde has very big shoes to fill or dance . One advice to Clyde : Pick as your dance partner ex NFL's Smith's lady partner . She guided the winners of the past 2 editions of the show.


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

I love Clyde's way of analyzing games . It's got substance . Maybe a little substance abuse .

12:25 PM  

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