Wednesday, February 21

Raptors Edge By The Cavs

Toronto greeted the 2nd half of the season with a loss bowing to Cleveland , 86-85 . In a low scoring ballgame , the Raptors played well with Andrea Bargnani scoring 18 points to go with Chris Bosh's double double - 24 points and 10 rebounds . The Raps held their opponents to 37% shooting in the 1st half but allowed them to recover in the final half . Lebron James registered 28 points and shot 5 out of 5 in the free throw line . Bosh and James , both straight from apperance in Sunday's All Star game , tried to carry their team to victory . I expected both to play lousy because of fatigue . The 2 were OK including Andrea who played in the Rookie game .He was always left open for his 3 pt. shots and Andrea made the Cavs pay . Andrea's mouth was left open too !
The Raptors led most of the way and were ahead by a point until a dunk by Andy Varejao. Unfortunately , Toronto failed to make a basket in the last 16 seconds remaining after that surprise basket by Andy Varejao , who was subbing for an injured Ilgaukas . He was a total workhorse with 16 points and most importantly, 15 rebounds . ' Andy was active on the boards all the time . He's like Dennis Rodman ' said ex Cavalier . Austin Carr of the Cavs TV team . That's what the Raptors need . A solid rebounder like Rodman . It's been reported that Colangelo is looking for one who can rebound to help Bosh . All the Raps' big men lacks rebounding power ....... and big tatoos !
Rodman : Your Euro players are all afraid of needles .


Blogger Foto Man said...

I love Dennis .When he was here , the place was always rockin '. He rebounds like a maniac . I don't think the Raptors will be succesful in getting one like him because there's no one like Rodman .

9:48 AM  
Blogger The Bonafied Boy said...

anderson varejao outfoxed chris bosh or chris bosh didnt box him out? nets are still 4.5 games behind

4:56 PM  
Blogger reading atbp said...

The Raptors definitely needs a big rebounder . I don't see them going deep into the playoffs without one.

9:36 PM  

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