Saturday, February 17

Bouncing Balls . All Star Edition.1.0

1. Rookie Surprise . The Rookie-Sophomore game was so one sided many TV fans switched channel after it become obvious that the Soph's lead was insurmountable. The Rooks were simply outclassed . ' Next year , when we come back , we're not going to be as happy to be here' , Portland's Brandon Roy said .' We're going to be ready . They caught us off guard '. I thought Roy is playing off guard for the Blazers . Why is that a surprise to him ?
2. Slam Dunk Contest Not A Slam Dunk . A lot of folks said they are not excited about tonight's slam dunk contest because the list of participants is weak . It lacks star power except maybe , Dwight Howard . And big guys are normally average dunkers , all power and lacking artistry . ' The contest would be better if 2 of the judges in the slam dunk contest namely , Vince Carter and Kobe , are participating ' said one ESPN sportscaster. I agree . It's more fun to pick the winner of Best Celebrity Picking The Nose contest than the slam dunk !
3. NBA In Vegas . Everybody in hoopsworld is excited about the possibility of adding an NBA team in Las Vegas . In turn , LV Mayor Goodman promised to surpass previous all All Star events to show that the city is ready to embrace an NBA team . ' I'll bring the matter to the city's Chamber Of Commerce so that we can submit the best proposal to the NBA governors' said Goodman of Sin City . I wonder what LV's future basketball team will be known , Las Vegas Sinners or Las Vegas Gamblers or perhaps the Las Vegas High Rollers . I don't know about that . I just know that as with any new NBA franchise , the Las Vegas team will incurr record losses before it registers a winning record . So for the first 2 to 3 years , it will be known as Loss Vegas Whatever !


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