Tuesday, February 6

Bouncing Ball 14.0

1. Mean Action Jackson . In last night's telecast of the Nets-Sixers game , Mark Jackson questioned Vince Carter's inclusion in the All Star line up for the Eastern Conference . The former Raptor (briefly) said the Bulls' 6th man extraordinaire , Ben Gordon , was more deserving . I wonder if Mark would say that if Vince is not leaving the Nets. Just like in Toronto , once Vince asked for a trade , all hell broke loose. Most members of the TO media were suddenly critical of VC including the Raptors TV guys !
2. Have You Ever Been 'Melo ? . Last week , I wrote about 'Carmelo Anthony's 'refusal' to return the ball to Allen Iverson after receiving a pass from him . 'Melo is insecure of his position in the Denver team , I added. Now, one ESPN guy observed that 'Melo also won't pass the ball to AI even when the former Sixer was free in front of him on a fastbreak ! He's right . I wonder how 'Melo would feel if Stern won't pick him as a replacement in the All Star line up knowing that Iverson is in it ?
3. Obamamania . My post about All Star Barack Obama was featured by SI.com's Andy Gray. Cool. Below is a photo of a young ' Barry ' Obama playing basketball . He looks like a young Lenny Wilkens , I think .


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Obama is a cutie .He's got a mini 'fro .

4:15 PM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

Mark Jackson is a crazy dude . Gordon is not even in the radar of most NBA voters.

10:05 PM  

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