Monday, January 29

I Feel Your Pain , Sidney .

Yesterday , an interesting topics of discussions in both ESPN' The Sports Reporters and it's Canadian copycat show , TSN's TheReporters , were about the Canadian game and the American game . The ESPN show discussed the way NHL (mis)handled its recently held All Star game in Dallas . ' NHL Commisioner , Gary Bateman , managed to do one better tnan the magician who made a jumbo jet vanished into thin air . He made the NHL All Star dissapear on the air ' said John Sanders, the host of the show. He can't understand why the NHL continue to fail misebrably in the States despite the presence of young stars like 19 year old Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburh Penguins and 23 year old Russian showman , Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals. ' The NBA continue to reap success in promoting its young stars like Lebron , D Wade and Carmelo . The NHL should do the same ' Sanders added. The TV ratings of NHL games remain pathetic . ' Sportscenter's hockey highlights are small compared to here in Canada ' said Crosby in Toronto when asked how popular he is in US . Want to switch uniforms with Lebron , Sid ?
Immediately following the ESPN show , Dave Hodges of The Reporters wondered why the only Canadian NBA team still failed to garner interest from the viewing public . ' Is it time for Canada to pay attention now that the Raptors are on top of the Atlantic Division ? ' asked Hodges. You see , TV ratings of Raptors' game are still at 50,000-100,000 compared to about 1.2 million for Maple Leaf's games . The Star's Damien Cox said it is because Canada still considered the Raptors a Toronto team not Canada's team . ' They (TV executives) should have Phoenix Suns' games featured on TV regularly . Canadian Steve Nash will be a great attraction . I agree. But how about choosing one channel to carry the Raptors' game . TV viewers find 3 separate channels aside from Raptor/NBA TV carrying the game confusing . I think the Raptors' TV ratings will eventually increase if they continue winning. In the height of Vince Carter's popularity , TV ratings went as high as 700,000 during the playoffs. In fact , Vince was considered the most popular sports figure in Canada bar none . Funny how Hodges have to ask if it's time to pay attention now to the Raptors . Just start by talking about the Raptors/NBA in your show regularly instead of talking hockey all the time . It goes to show you the bias of most Canadian sports(?) reporters against basketball . Every now and then , you read disparaging articles about the Raptors and their failure to catch the Canadian public's fancy .Is this because of the Americans continued lukewarm acceptance of the Canadian game ? A case of tit for tat . Why would they (hockey reporters masquerading as sports reporters) accept an American game ? I heard a reporter or 2 suggesting that the NHL forgets the US market and transfer to Canada all losing US franchises. The Raptors would be lucky to get some good ink and sports highlights until the new generation of real sports reporters come along . In the meantime . we definitely feel your pain , Sidney !


Blogger john said...

It's stupid to have 4 channels to watch the Raptors games . No wonder the TV ratings are low.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

Yes I agree. Talk about the Raptors regularly . Enuff of hockey !

2:45 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Great stuff !

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great week Coach!

8:20 PM  

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