Friday, January 26

Bouncing Balls 11.0

1. Vince's Popularity Is Sinking . Based on the final voting results of the NBA All Star , Carter's star power has diminished quite a bit . His total number of votes went from the near 2 million mark at the height of his popularity to just 1.4 million . Gilbert Arenas overtook him for one of the starting guard spots in the East squad . ' The ($ 1 million ) birthday party surely helped ' joked Agent Zero who will join the annual event as a starter for the 1st time . Thank Vince's refusal to sign a contract extension with the Nets for that .
2. All Stars Are All Offense . The NHL All Stars event was completed recently in Dallas . Hockey sportswriters/commentators complained that this year's version of this annual event sucks . ' It's all offense ( score 12-8). No crosschecking , no fighting ' they said . Duh . Do you think the players will risk injuring themselves for an exhibition game ? Expect the same in the forthcoming NBA All Star In Las Vegas . The difference is that there's so many ( artistic ) ways you can rebound , pass and shoot the ball , so it's still a lot of fun !
3. Chris Bosh An All Star . Finally . Bosh has improved his game tremendously. Charles Barkley said he's deserving of the starter's spot in the East All Star lineup . More deserving than Shaq . I wonder if Chuck has seen the new Chris Bosh . Take a look !
4. NBA TV Viewing Worldwide . It's just a blast watching NBA games on TV in North America . It's watch 'till you die . Here in Canada , you get to watch the Raptors and other NBA games in 3 channeks aside from NBA/Raptors TV . In other places in the world outside USA/Canada , basketball fanatics are not as lucky . In Saudi Arabia , you get to watch the NBA , once a week via the NBA Game Of The Week . In sportsmad Australia , it is definitely more than in SA but not as much as here. In soccer loving Malaysia , a basketball fan said it's a lilttle irritating . Over there , they don't even spell the teams' names right . I love the NBA .... especially from where I live !


Blogger Ty said...

Congrats to Chris Bosh . It's a well deserved honor .

5:22 PM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

ARENAS is lucky that AI is now in the Western Conference .

6:02 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

I watched the NHL All Star ame and I'm afraid those people who complained about the quality of the game were right.

6:31 PM  

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