Wednesday, January 24

Bouncing Balls 10.0

1. Mt. Mutombo Cited . Dikembe Mutombo was mentioned by Pres. Bush in his State Of The Union address last night. Dikembe was one of the 4 ordinary Americans who's extraordinary feats were highlighted by the President . Dikembe was photographed sitting next to the First Lady.
2. Doug Christie Wants To Go Back To TO .The overwhelming response to this is a resounding NO from Toronto fans based on chat room chatters . Hear that Jackie. The couple left TO in a bad note so what do you expect . It's like Hugh Hefner saying to Kelly Osborne ' No, thanks . We can't airbrush that much ! You see , the young Osborne gal expressed her desire to pose for Playboy .
3. NBA Idol . Now that American Idol is back on TV , one can't help being reminded of Jerry Stackhouse rendition of the national anthem in a recent Mavs' game. Jerry is not a bad singer but I think former Celtics , Andrew Mc Carthy is better . In fact , the 2 are better than a real American Idol finalist who sang in Game 2 of last years' NBA Finals .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how bout ron artest or troy hudson!

11:00 AM  
Blogger coach said...

these ballers do rap . and they don't even do rap well !

5:23 PM  

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