Thursday, January 18

Raptors 2nd Half Surge Bomb Kings

Oh how times have changed ! The Raptors were in complete disaaray when they 1st met the Kings and lost . Now , it's a complete reversal of roles as they waylaid Sacramento , 101 - 85 . The Raps with Mo Pete's near flawless shooting ( 4 of 6 in 3 point area ) , the return of Jorge Garbajosa (16 pts.,6 reb.) from a mini slump and the superb direction from Jose Calderon (11 pts.,9 reb.) were simply awesome . Mo Pete (22 pts., 5 reb.) , who blew a defensive assignment in their last game resulting in a loss, was extra happy about last night's win . The Raptors' guard playing on his contract year , said after the game ' I felt like I let the team down that's why I wanted to come out with a little extra '. Hear that B.C. Now it's your time for you to come out with something extra for Mo Pete's new contract !
The Kings lost their vaunted passing skills and speed . Team USA's Brad Miller was atrocious scoring only 2 points . He can't seem to avoid shuffling his feet resulting in numerous travelling violations. Kevin Martin resorted to outside shooting instead of using his speed . Even Ron Artest was without his usual swagger ! Something is definitely wrong with this once proud team. The Kings suffered it's 7th straight loss . ' The only way to get through this thing is to work and to make progress throughout this losing streak '. said coach Eric Musselman . Hmm . Just like one of Dubya's Iraq War policy . Now I know where Rumsfeld went !

Ass't coach Rumsfeld(?) : Gadammit !
Don't tell me ,
we can't win here too !


Blogger john said...

Darn . Both TO and the Nets won . My Knicks lost .

11:29 AM  
Blogger el greco said...

LOL . The Rumsfeld photo and line are funny !

12:09 PM  

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