Saturday, January 13

Raps Abuse Celts

Toronto won last night as expected versus the undermanned Boston , 95 - 86 , and seized the Atlantic Division lead fron idle NJ Nets . Chris Bosh ( 27 pts., 8 reb.) lorded over the big men of the Celltics sometimes ' with all bones clanking ' observed one reporter. CB4 drives to the basket may be ackward but these always generated points if not fouls . He made 13 out of 16 foul shots . TJ Ford (19 pts.,6 ass.) started like a house on fire , scoring at will in the 1st quarter and Jose Calderon (11 pts., 4 ass.) took over where he left off. ' Calderon is the best back up guard in the NBA , in my opinion ' said the Boston TV man . OK, But right now , his team needs to forward up not back up in the standings !
The game last night was competitive despite the absence of Paul Pierce and, Wally Z. in the starting line up of Boston . ' I love small ball . It was one of the most exciting games this season ' said Tom Heinsohn , who was the other half of the Celtics' TV crew. The Celts have 'midgets' Telfair , Rondo and Ray , all 6 footers , battling the tall Raptors' line up of Rasho , CB4 , Bargnani and Garbo ! For a while , Doc Rivers' plan worked and excited the crowd until the big boys of Sam Mitchell settled down and put order in the world . The small boys of Doc were returned to their place . The 2 kidnapped boys from Missouri were returned to their parents . No charges made . Just charged one win for the Raptors !

Player In Yellow : When I grow up ,
I want to play for the Boston Celtics !


Blogger Angel said...

My poor team . Abused by your blog . LOL .

3:49 PM  

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