Wednesday, January 10

Raptors Trump By The Nets .

It was supposed to be a defining moment for the young Raptors . Instead , the Nets defined the game for the Raps with a major whipping . 101 - 86 . TJ Ford was held scoreless and 'Twin ' Collins and A Net named after a mouse gave CB4 ( 12 pts., 6 reb. ) hardly an opening to do his thing . The only open one was Andrea ' Open Mouth ' Bargnani who had 22 points. ' Once in a while , this team needs a slap in the face ' said coach Sam Mitchell after the game . I'd say , it was no slap in the face last night . It was a major beating spearheaded by wife beater J Kidd . The Nets came out smoking with Vince Carter ( 32 pts., 7 reb.) scoring at will in the 1st quarter for a 15 - 0 start for the Nets. Richard Jefferson ( 21 pts. ) , the other third of the Big 3 of New Jersey , played real well despite reports of an ailing ankle. Maybe, it's an ailing Uncle . RJ looked alright last night .
Actually , it was the Raps' 2nd unit led by Jose Calderon ( 16 pts., 12 ass. ) and Mo Peterson aside from AB who helped the Raps overcame the early deficit even leading the Nets at the end of the half . TO was a spent force 'though in the 2nd half. ' That's the difficulty in getting your team too far behind ' said ex Celtics great Bill Russell once. ' You spent too much energy getting back to the game . you can't finish it properly'. But what really was the reason for the 'soft' game by the Raps ? Sam attributed the lackadaisical efforts by his men to ' them staying at the plush Trump Hotel '. Oh yeah . Next time , all of you will stay at Rosie O'Donnel 's doghouse like Mr. Trump !

Rosie : Raps , don't ever copy Mr.Trump's hairdo.
It's like this one . It's called the retarded look !


Blogger Foto Man said...

The Raptors should have put Mo Pete at the start to guard Vince . He had his way with AP.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Funny photo of Rosie !

5:45 PM  

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