Tuesday, January 2

Bouncing Ball 4.0

1. Lebron James just turned 22 yrs. old last week. LBJ started everything early . His pro career and his mindset as far as being the 1st billionaire sports figure are going smoothly. Michael Jordan was worth between $400-500 million dollars when he retired .Minus maybe a hundred million dollars after the divorce . LBJ should be able to surpass that if he stays healthy and marketable . How ? Don't do anything stupid like Kobe and Anthony of late . Making yearly trips to booming China and soon India will be a must . Does LBJ has to leave small market Cleveland and go somewhere else ? Of course . Unlike his financial adviser , Warren Buffet who stayed in Omaha , LBJ needs to go where the action is !
2. WWDD . What Would David Do ? was printed in the t shirt of Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban. Obviously a tease for NBA Commisioner David Stern . Mark was instrumental in focusing attention the now dormant NBA new ball . Lately , the maverick owner is stirring the pot once again by saying Memphis owner , Michael Heisley , is selling the franchise because of his displeasure with the NBA . Daved Stern should wear a t shirt with print , WWDDWMC !
3. What's happening in Denver ? Consider the following among the casualties and near casualties . We all know what happened to Kobe . Then there is Nugget guard Julius Hodge who was shot while driving home from a nightclub in April. Pittsburh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter was shot outside a sports bar in 2003. And just this New Year's Day , Denver CB Darrent Williams was shot dead after attending Kenyon Martin's birthday party . If I were Allan Iverson , I would be real careful !!


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