Sunday, December 24

Dead Tired Raptors Beaten By Sonics

Toronto looked tired and eager to get home last night in the game Seattle won , 97 - 110 . Still , the Raptors gave the Sonics a good fight with Fred Jones ( 19 pts ) and Jorge Garbajosa ( 18 pts.,7 reb.) backing TJ Ford. Coach Sam Mitchell tried the 2 guard combo of T.J.Ford ( 23 pts., 9 ass.) and Jose Calderon ( 4 pts.,10 ass. ) to match the Sonics' energy . Calderon hounded returning Ray Allen (28 pts.,6 reb.) bothering his shots as much as he can but the All Star was just too much . ' Now , we can go home .We need a day or 2 to recharge ' said Mitchell . Be sure to recharge your credit cards too after X'mas !
Seattle used big guy Chris Wilcox ( 10 pts., reb ) and Nick Collison ( 15 pts.,8 reb.) to pound the boards .Even Big bodied Danny Fortson ( 4 pts.,9 reb.) who started at center . The often suspended Sonics C/F was briefly a Raptor some years back. Fortson's style of play can be characterized as bordering to ' dirty ' . He once elbowed then rookie Chris Bosh so hard to the head , CB4 failed to suit up the following game. After he caused Raja Bell an injury that sidelined the Phoenix guard for sometime , Jerry Colangelo , then Sun's GM, threatened to ask the league to ban Fortson. ' He shows the physicallity of the game .That's why people love him ' said Allen of Fortson . Seattle people love him but the rest of the NBA love kill him !

Danny : Ray , does that mean I have the chance to win the Sportmanship Award ?


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Bad loss to a bad team with a bad boy !

8:57 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

West coast trip record of 2-s is not bad .I hope , January will be better !

12:34 AM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

Merry Christmas!
Have a safe and joyful holiday!
Lee Ann

12:27 PM  

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