Friday, December 22

Give Sam Some Love This X'Mas

1. Coach Sam Mitchell showed something something ( in the words of Jack Armstrong ) the last few games . He guided the Raptors to some big wins even with a depleted line up . In last Wednesday's game versus the LA Clippers , Sam's familiriarity with TJ Ford ( and vice versa ) caused him to go to TJ for the last and winning shot . Sam was an Assistant coach at Milwaukee during TJ 's first 2 years in the league . Finally , the Raps have found a ' go to guy ' ?

2. This weekend , it's Greg Ogre , I mean , Oden Watching Time again. His team , Ohio State , will go up against Florida. That's a nice match up . Greg O . versus Joakim Noah . Force versus Finesse . Ali vs. Foreman . The possible no.1 and no.2 picks in next year's NBA draft .
It's the 2nd straight weekend that CBS is showing an Ohio State game . Looks like Greg's team is the flavor of the year !

3. Expect a monster game from Oregon native Fred Jones tonight . Jones played well against the Clippers scoring a team high 23 points . That shut up some of Jones' critics but another great game will surely mute them for a long time .Incidentally , John Salmons of the Sacramento Kings matched a career high 23 points on 10 out of 14 shooting in a loss to the Wizards last night . It will be recalled that Jones was acquired after Salmons backed out of his intention to join the Raptors.


Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Freddie Jones needs to be consistent to silence his critics . Not be good one day , and a bust the following game .

4:40 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

I still don't believe Sam's the man to lead the Raptors to the playoffs . He's like Butch Carter . Good in the beginning but once the team matured, we need a vet to guide it.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

I'm a big Oden fan . I hopes Greg ends up playing for the Celts .

6:45 PM  

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