Wednesday, December 13

Bollywood And Other Bollers.

1. Everyone wants to go to India . Actor George Clooney wants to do a film in Bollywood according to Variety. Walmart is set to spread it's big box concept there after inundating China with it . Of course , the marketing genius , NBA Commisioner David Stern , looked at India too .
I commented before that making baskeballers out of cricket playing Indians might make basketball the numero uno sports in the world considering that China and India are no. 1 and 2 most populous nations !

2. The new ball / old ball transition cannot be felt more than by the Boston Celtics . The Celtics play the Supersonics on December 31 , 2006 and on New Year's day , the Trailblazers.
Don't worry , Doc , there is no report that the change in the ball means the Celts are changing the coach too . Not yet !

3. Former Raptor Charlie Villanueva played his 3rd game last night since returning from an elbow operation .The Big Smooth scored 15 points and hauled down 6 rebounds as Milwaukee Bucks edged Seattle Supersonics , 93 - 92. Former Raptors coach , Lenny Wilkens , acts as the TV Analyst for the Sonics . By the way , did you see Charlie's souped up Cadillac as featured in NBA XL ? It's really cool .

4. Last Sunday's game by the Raps against the Trailblazers was televised in Spain . Too bad , the 3 ballers from Spain - Jorge Garbajosa , Jose Calderon and Portland's guard, Sergio Rodrigues played mediocre basketball . I think Bryan Colangelo should work to acquire the rights to another Spanish guard , Carlos Navarro . Navarro is better than Calderon or Rodrigues

5. An informal survey showed most Raptors fans are opposed to the team acquiring the Answer .AI and Canada don't fit , some say . I guess the fans think Iverson should have his tatoos in English and French !


Blogger Angel said...

I like the Raptors but they have to win soon .
AI ? Nope . He will be a bad influence .

1:28 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Colangelo must do something . The fans are getting restless .

7:52 PM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

The Hindu Sikh cannot play for coach Skiles . They have turbans on their heads !

2:14 PM  

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