Saturday, December 2

Raps Grab 2nd Place In The Wide Open Atlantic

The back to back games against division opponents started with a bang with a win against the Celtics last night , 106 - 102 . The Raptors shot very well ( 55%) and played good defence especially in the closing seconds preventing the reeling hoopsters from Beantown from getting a good look for the tying basket . Several of the Raps' starting 5 played excellent ball with Chris Bosh ( 26 pts.,11 reb.) , Anthony Parker ( 17 pts., 1 reb.) , TJ ( 10 pts., 13 ass.) and of course the Spanish Conquistadore Jorge Garbajosa ( 16 pts., 6 reb. ). The latter was phenomenal last night - rebounding , scoring and guarding Boston's top man , Paul Pierce . Garbo was acknowledged by the Celtics TV man and Hall Of Famer Tommy Heinhson as a versatile guy and a good shooter . ' He's a European so he can shoot well from the outside ' said Heinhson of Garbo . It's just like saying , you're an NBA team TV guy , so you're a team sucker !
Toronto jumped to 2nd place in the Atlantic Division from 4th place with the win . On the other hand , Boston went from 1st place to 4th place ! The Atlantic Division is wide open . That is how tightly bunched the teams are in this Division . Not only that , coaches of both teams are tighly bunched too . Sam Mitchell and Doc Rivers are both on top of the list of coaches most likely to get bump 1st this season ! Doc and Sam are fighting for the 1st to be thrown into the wide open Atlantic ocean !

Atlantic Shark : I have'nt eaten a Doctor yet!


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