Sunday, November 19

Raptors FailTo Outran The Nuggets

Toronto ran all night but lost steam to bow to Denver last night , 109 - 117 . It was the best that I have seen the Raptors ran with TJ Ford spearheading the ' run and gun ' style with 26 points and 18 assists . Unfortunately , the Raps offense again failed them especially in the 2nd half when they shot a measly 1 in 8 from the 3 pt. line . The Matt and Jeff combo of Chris Bosh and TJ combined for 61 points .
' It's a big win for us finally ' said Nuggets coach George Karl . Big win ? The Nuggets won only because T.O. failed to capitalize on Denver's many errors. The Raps came close in several instances but failed to make any of these ' runs ' all the way . I watched the game in Denver's Altitude channel so I don't get to hear the views of ' homeboys ' at Raptors TV. The Nuggets TV announcer thinks that CB4 is not a ' franchise player ' . They think Bosh is a good player but not physical enough despite his league leading 13 rpg . I guess they think Bosh shoud be ' physical ' or 'intense ' like the Magic's Dwight Howard . Or like KG . Or perhaps even like their own Reggie Evans who squeezed the balls of Clippers' Chris Kaman !

: Uuoh . Careful Chris or
I'll scramble your balls this time !


Blogger john said...

I don't beleve the DENVER GUY knows what he is talking about .

5:52 PM  

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