Saturday, November 11

Hotlanta Wins ! Hotlanta Wins !

I could just imagine the Raptors' announcer shouting that, if Chuck was the mouthpiece of the hot Atlanta team . The Raptors succumbed to the Hawks last night , 111-102 behind the guns of the talented duo of Joe Johnson ( 34 pts., 5 rebs. ) and Josh Smith ( 29 pts., 5 rebs. ) . The 2 Js were unstoppable last night especially against a Raps' defense with more holes than a public golf link . The 1st few minutes of the game gave an indication of the long night facing the Raptors. A flurry of baskets by JJ and a dunk by 1 J -Smith against Chris Bosh ( 19 pts.,17 rebs. ) basket at the start of the game and it's Atlanta all the way .
I watched 2 versions of the Raptors - Hawk game last night . First was the FSS telecast via Atlanta with long time Hawk and former All Star Steve Smith and partner . Afterwards , I caught the Raptors TV's Game In An Hour version of the same game . What a contrast ! Day and night , man . Atlanta's duo was cool , smooth and pleasing to the ears aside from providing excellent analysis by a bonafide ex NBA star . Ours , however ,was like that of a shieking lady and that same lady after 10 straight blowjobs ( sorry Jack ) . No lousy player tags like the Hammer ( Humphries ) and the Nails ( Tucker ) are used by the Atlanta announcers. Just plain gol 'ol no bullshit mikework . Imagine again the Chuck announcing for the Hawks . He will likely call high leaping Josh Smith as Josh B' Gosh Smith and Joe Johnson as well ... Joe B' Gosh or something like that . And going by Swirsky's habit of giving nom de guerre even to the supporting cast , he will likely call Zaza Pachulia as Zaza Gabor. After all . Swirky calls Garbajosa , the Great Garbo !

Zaza: I prefer Princess (Pach)Lea !


Blogger Angel said...

Lucky us . We have the Tommy points !

5:26 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Finito ? If the Raps don't win in this coming road trip , we're history .

6:11 PM  

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