Saturday, November 4

This Raptors' Deep Bench Prevails .

The Toronto Raptors tightened their defense and shot very well in the 2nd half of their game against the visiting Milwaukee Bucks to win , 109-92. TJ Ford showed why Bryan Colangelo got him in place of Charlie V , with some exciting plays after a luckluster start . TJ registered a double-double ( 13 pts., 11 assists ). Said TJ after the game, ' I have nothing against the Bucks '. Not true . TJ handed his former team a loss after surprising the Detroit Pistons in the season opener.
' It's way different now . We expect to win .' Chris Bosh said making up for a poor performance last Tuesday vs. the Nets. with a monster game But it was TJ Ford who excited the sellout crowd with his blinding speed and spectacular passes.
This version of the Raptors is really deep . Seven players scored in double figures .When TJ came out for much needed rest , Jose Calderon substituted for him beautifully. Calderon made his medium and 3 pt. shots to keep the Bucks at bay . Fred Jones , in place of Anthony Parker , was spectacular . One time , the former Pacer slam dunked the ball to the surprise of his guard and the stunned crowd.
' They want the win more .They are hungry . ' said Charle V , the former Raptor . Especially the Raptor bench . The bench is so hungry and deep that coach Mitchell saw no need to use Mo Pete in the last quarter . Mo Pete , I'm sure is not happy about the deep Raptor bench . Why ? You see , it's contract year for Mo Pete . He does not need a deep bench . Mo Pete needs a Raptor organization with a deep pocket !

Mo Pete : Deep bench ?
I will be
deep shit next yr !!


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