Wednesday, October 25

Why Is Anthony Parker Struggling ?

In 6 games so far this pre season , the Raptors' Anthony Paker is averaging 6.5 pts. , 1.6 assists and 3.7 rebounds per game . That's hardly the numbers most of the fans expect from the ' best baller not playing in the NBA ' then . GM Colangelo said ' At his skill level , Parker belongs in this league '. He is suppose to score , play good defense and do all the other little things ' . As a member of the Raptors ' starting 5 , Parker has been doing nothing but the last one - little things. This 31 yr.old 'rookie again' is struggling no matter how some people put it . Canada's National Post has a feature on Parker's struggles at this point of his NBA career . It cited the faster pace of basketball and the different style of play in the NBA . ' European teams tend to pass more before shooting ' Parker said. Don't pass to much Parker or you're in danger of being passed on by coach Mitchell when picking the starting 5 especially if the Raptors struggle at the start of the season
It's good that Parker is aware of the reality in the face of superior competition unlike a baller for Maccabi Tel Aviv who said when the Israeli team was about to face the Cleveland Cavaliers ' We are not afraid of Lebron James . We've played with and against Parker ' . The new Raptor smiled at his former teammate's statement . Good . For that night , when Toronto met Cleveland , King James showed he was of different class leaving Parker eating his dust on the way to the baskets . But it's a case of too much humility is what's wrong with Parker . One can see how he often hesitates even when he has the open shots . Maybe he thinks he is still a 76er rookie playing behind Iverson , Aaron McKie and more established ballers . Wake up , Parker or else you will be relegated to a Barker on the bench of the new Raptors !
Junkyard Dog : I'll call Parker the Junkyard Puppy !


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