Thursday, October 5

Thank God For NBA TV

At last NBA fans have their 1st glimpse of NBA basketball this season . As of this writing , the game between the 76ers and FC Barcelona is going on . The score is tied at halftime , 51 all. It's an interesting game and surely fans in Spain are enjoying the game . I noticed that a lot of Spanish players shoot the ball from the outside like Garbajosa . Hmmmm. Must be standard for them. There's one NBA player in the FC Barcelona line up . Remember Magic's Mario Kasun . Kasun is stll a stiff although over in Spain they call him 'El Stppo' I guess .There's also Magic draftee Fran Vasquez . He looks OK but he's right to 'season' himself for a few more years before jumping to the NBA. I like the Sixers new uniform . Looks cool . Maybe the team will do better this season . Their 'bigs' look sharp . Sam Dalembert and Hunter appear ready to play this season . Let's see . Later today , NBA TV will show the game between San Antonio Spurs and another European team as part of NBA Europe Live. I'm glad there is NBA TV ! Muchos gracias .

**update** The Sixers lost to FCB becoming the 1st NBA tean to lose in Europe

Kasun : El Stippo ?


Blogger NIKEY said...

The Sixers now own the distinction of the 1st team to lose to a Europen team . Hurray Raptors !

10:48 AM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

Is it shown in Canada ?

1:54 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Raptor TV shows some of the games .

6:54 PM  

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