Friday, September 29

Glen Grunwald And Charles Barkley

I remember Charles Barkley questioning Glen Grunwald's qualifations as a General Manager in the NBA . He said something like who's he and what his business running a team ? This was during the decline of the Raptors fortune and soon followed by Grunwald's end of term as it's GM in 2004. We can perhaps forgive Chuckie Loudmouth as he has a known bias against the Raptors and its star then , Vince Carter . ' Toronto is a bad team ' he often said in TNT's Inside NBA program . Anyone who wants to question this , just watch the replay of previous episodes of this program .
Glen Gruwald happen to be one of the most qualified NBA Executive . Glen has a law degree and an MBA . His expertise covers merger and acquisition . These serve him well in today's world of players' salaries and the cap. As to evaluating talent , he 'snatched' Vince Carter from Golden State and got paid to boot. Some of the best acquisitions/trades in Raptors history happened in his watch - Alvin Wlliams, Chris Childs , Willis, Muggsy Bogues, Keon Clark, and the Oak. Don't forget , the Raptors went 1 shot away from the Easten Conference Finals .
As to the ' highly qualified' Barkley , he is mulling running for the Governor Of Alabama ! Oh yeah , Chuck has the qualification of losing millions in gambling .

Chuck: Maybe it's better
if I run for President .
I can do no worse than Bush !


Blogger Foto Man said...

He's running for Governor ? Naaah .Anyone who votes for him is retarded !

11:22 AM  
Blogger NIKEY said...

Glen should do well in NY.

11:49 AM  
Blogger john said...

Barkley looks like a retarded !

10:33 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Barkley used to be a lot of fun to watch when he played, but his mouth is very anoying.

5:57 PM  

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