Sunday, August 6

Team USA Needs An Outside Shooter ?

The next few days , the USA basketball team will have the opportunity to see how the team will fare in the department that served as the downfall of the Athens team . Outside shooting . I remembered how Starbury , Iverson and the rest of the guys struggled against the opposition because of poor outside shooting . ' The shooting of the men's basketball team was not a threat. Most of the time , that teams were collapsing their defenses against them ' said one analyst before. No one in that Olympic line up shot consistently from the outside . Add the brewing controversy between coach Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury , the team was doomed .You can say that the Knicks problem started even then with Marbury unable to satisfy Larry Brown's point guard requirements. ' He calls me every night to discuss the previous game's performance ' said Isiah Thomas then . I don't know why these 3 chose to come together in the Knicks organization after the Olympics . They should have nicked the Knicks problem even then !
' The team is in desperate need of one more shooter ' said Stephen A. Smith in this Sunday's ESPN Reporters . All are OK with the team, even the coaching it seems , except that . Coach K is handling the team well so far . ' It is about the players . Dwayne , LeBron and Carmelo are in the limelight . Not coach Brown ' added one . ' The team must add Michael Redd in the line up ' Smith added . Oh well , coach K will surely address this weakness. There is a lot of good shooters left off the team. If not , there is the ' baseline shooter ' still at large in Phoenix . Calling Team USA president , Jerry Colangelo who is from that area.

Coach K : Get me that shooter !


Blogger film critic said...

The police need to catvh him first !

5:32 PM  
Blogger NIKEY said...

Screw Stephen . He does'nt know his b'ball !

7:49 PM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

The team is alright as it is . Don't listen to Stephen A. coach K !

8:10 AM  
Blogger john said...

Frankly speaking , Team USA line up is not complete yet .The Olympics team should be much stronger with Kobe , Amare, Redd , Allen and those who are missing today .

9:45 AM  
Blogger el greco said...

We will find out . Raptors TV will be showing the Team USA vs. Puerto Rico tonite at 7 PM . Judge for yourself .

12:47 PM  

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