Wednesday, September 27

Time For T.O. To Switch Sports

Reports of football star Terrell Owens' attempted suicide was reported by 2 Dallas papers. This was after he was rushed to the hospital due to 'reaction to medication' as earlier reported . The Dallas' Cowboy wide receiver was sidelined after suffering from a broken finger in the 1st game this season. He was reportedly depressed the past few days.
I think it's time for Terrell to switch sports . In as much as he's got game , T.O. should try hooking up with an NBA team . Hes got friends in the league from players like Shaq to team owners like Sacramento King's Maloof brothers .To start fresh in the NFL seems impossible with all the pressure on him . Why not join the Miami Heat ? Pat Riley is the type of coach who has plenty of experience handling ' head case ' and as I have said, his friend - Shaq , should be able to put him in line .

Maloof Bros : T.O. is watching intently .
Not sure if he's watching the cheering
or the game !


Blogger el greco said...

Noooh . We don't need another crazy guy in the NBA . We have enough !

12:07 PM  
Blogger NIKEY said...

now , T.O. is saying suicide report is not true .maybe , he's just lokking for some publicity !

6:43 AM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

T.O. means a Turn Off !

7:34 AM  

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