Thursday, August 24

Mr. Bosh Turning Into Mr. Bush

Prior to the Team USA game vs Senegal this morning in which the Raptors forward/center registered a double double . Chris Bosh was completely ' missing in action '. Many Raptors fans were truly dissapointed with his performance or non performance as part of Team USA. Bosh was completely overshadowed by his 2003 NBA Draft batchmates -Dwade , LBJ , Melo and Captain Kirk . Toronto Star's Chris Young called Bosh The Incredible Shrinking Man in his blog for the papers. Bosh had an average of 1.8 ppg in 12 mpg playing time in 3 games . He had one DNP and looked completely lost in the team's play .

Actually it was not Chris fault that the Raptors Nation expects a lot from him. One former Raptor , Vince Carter, made that year's version of Team USA his showcase . Remember that electrifying dunk VC executed after jumping over the head of Frenchman Frederick Weiss . Jason Kidd who was VC's teammate in that Olympic team said ' it was the most spectacular play he has seen '. Incidentally , Weiss is playing for the French team in this world championship. The constant blabbering of Raptors announcer, Chuck Swirsky , did not help Bosh's cause either. Listening to homeboy Chuck , one would think that Bosh is the second coming of Celtics great Bill Russell. During last NBA season , Bosh was evidently not ready for prime time yet despite being named to the league's All Star . In the Raptors close games , he served mostly as an observer to Mike James , who took the big shots . Let's hope that the high expectations are toned down into more realistic ones . Otherwise Bosh will be as unpopular as Bush , his fellow Texan !

Bush : 30% popularity rating ,
will make a good average in the NBA !


Blogger john said...

Hopefully , today's game will give Bosh the much needed confidence .

7:16 PM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

Hey , take it easy on the Boshman . He's trying you know .

7:53 PM  
Blogger film critic said...

Chuck Swirsky should shut up and be more realistic . He's not doing Bosh any favor by putting him in a pedestal.

9:28 PM  
Blogger NIKEY said...

Dubya , you mean WNBA !

5:31 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

There's an article in ESPN mag that says Bosh is not happy w/ his role in Team USA .Seems like ego beginning to stick its ugly head !

7:55 PM  

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