Friday, October 20

The Raptors' 2nd Unit or Whatever Chuck Calls It.

It's another win by the Raptors last night as they walloped the team that beat them last year , Maccabi Tel Aviv . After a tight 1st half punctuated by double digit turnovers by the local team , the Raps put their 2nd unit to work for a 118-84 victory. ' We should give a name this 2nd unit ' suggested Jack Armstrong , the other half of the TV team . ' Good idea, Jack . I'll think about it in the coming days ' answered Chuck Swirsky , the face of Raptors TV . I bet today Chuck will start getting some names from listeners of his radio show and viewers of The Chuck Swirsky Show . I think it's lame . The 2nd unit composed of Jones , rookies Bargnani and Garbajosa , PG Jose Calderon and Joey Graham has not proven they can do the job consistenly. It's not the regular season guys and we're not even sure of coach Sam Mitchell's final rotation !
Last season , Chuck gave rookie Joey Graham the non de guerre Golden Graham . It turns out his performance last season was far from golden . Chuck is better off giving Graham his ' name ' now . The dude is playing great lately . ' It's his 2nd year now . He learned a lot during his rookie year ' said Armstrong. Graham has some spectacular dunks last night scoring in double figures. Memo to Chuck : Joey is a pilot who is fond of a flying plane like the departed Yankee Liddle . Couple that with his high flying acts in the court , you cannot go wrong with a nom de guerre for Graham if you base it on these facts .
The Chuck calls Kris Humpries and TJ Tucker Hammer and Nail respectively . Weird . But please stop calling Jorge Garbajosa the Great Garbo as you did last night. The guy is anything but elegant .He is a hardnose type of a player . Mr. Swirsky , if you want to make this a play on his name , do it . Call him the Garbage Man or some other names but that . Or else I will call you Suck , Chuck !

Garbo : Chuck , If you continue using
the Great Garbo name , I will pull your hair. !


Blogger el greco said...

Great Garbo ? Chuck must be crazy .

11:34 AM  
Blogger el greco said...

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11:34 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

i like it . great garbo !

12:32 PM  
Blogger john said...

Your guy is fond of name calling . Worst that our guys in NY !

3:47 PM  

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