Wednesday, October 18

Tall Tales

The past week , I came across 2 special athletes on cable TV . The are both exteremely tall . One chose to play basketball ( naturally ) while the other picked the profession of boxing . Sun Ming Ming is a very tall dude at 7'9'' . He looks more agile than the Rockets' Yao Ming even demonstrating behind the back, under the legs dribbles in Best Damn Sports Show .When John Salley stood back to back with Sun , he clearly is taller by a foot ! Salley is listed as 6'11 (?). Sun's shooting form is great . It's better than Shaq as he demostrated when the hosts of the show asked him to shoot from a makeshift court . Will he make it to the NBA ? Of course . Mike Breen in last night televised Knicks - Celtics game said that today's teams will gamble on ' suspect centers ' and pronounced them as ' projects ' . One thing about Sun , he is not dry like Yao , personality wise. Although Shaq said that that Yao is a funny man behind the camera . Sun seems like a funny guy whether on and off the camera . Let's hope though he plays serious ball !
Now let's talk about the heavyweight champion of the world -Nikolai Valuev. A former baller who switched to boxing ( thank God ) , Valuev is not a gentle giant by any means . Valuev is built like a Russian tank . ' He reminds me of Andre The Giant ' opined Larry Merchant , the HBO boxing expert. He reminds me of the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk . Scary . Valuev disposed of his ooponent by TKO. His trainer thinks he's probably 7'3'' ( 378 lbs.) but listed Valuev only as a 7 footer ' so as not to scare the people '. His head is enormous . Like that of former Trailblazer now retired Sabonis . 'When Sabonis rests his head on you , you're gone . It's huge . said one NBA player. Sabonis' face is agreeable but Valuev .... let's agree that it's for extreme makeover !

Valuev : Mike Tyson ,
I will eat you & your children !


Blogger SunsGossip said...

Hatin on Yao! Did you see "Year of the Yao"? That fool had jokes.

12:22 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

I just hope he is not another Bradley !

12:30 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

They are really very tall . The Celts should sign them !

2:45 PM  

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