Friday, October 13

Jorge Is One Tough Hombre .

Of all the new Raptors , one stands out from them all . Jorge Garbajosa is showing why he was personally picked by Assistant GM Maurico Gherardini to add toughness to the Raptors line up . ' Jorge is not afraid to fight anybody of his size ' said Gherardini who was GM of Benetton Treviso when JG played for the Euro team in 2001-04. In the 1st two pre season games , Garbajosa was unspectacular but very effective . His 2 successive 3 points shots in the waning minutes of the game vs. the Celtics last Wednesday were impressive . The man has ice in his veins . Garbajosa has solidified his hold on one of the starting spots . He was in the starting line up and was there to finish the game .
The 28 year old rookie from Spain , who was named in the all tournament team of the recently concluded FIBA World Basketball Championships , reminds Raptors fans of former Raptor - Charles Oakley . Less the wayward behind the back passes , of course . Just like Oak , he has a strong presence under the board . Oak was not a high jumper even in his early days as the rebound king of the NBA. ' Charles uses positional advantage to corral the rebounds stated one scouting report. Garbajosa works the same way . Another Oak - Jorge similarity is the role as the team's enforcer . ' He'll protect the younger guys on the team' said Gherardini of Garbajosa . Garbajosa even have Oak's scruggly look . Chris Bosh , Bargnani , Calderon , MoPete all sport facial hairs .
The Raptors have been transformed from a soft team to a tough one . At least in looks !

: Tough my ass ! They look
like contestants in ' Survivors '


Blogger Foto Man said...

I agree . JG is better than AB !

11:51 AM  
Blogger el greco said...

Oak is one of a kind

1:42 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Perhaps he could play for the Leafs!

2:18 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

He looks like a real toughie !

4:07 PM  

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