Monday, October 16

Will the New Raptors Save Mitchell's Job ?

Exciting basketball ! Should I say , exciting pre season basketball . The new Raptors registered its 3rd straight victory beating the New Jersey Nets , 119- 110. I know its only pre season but in the past , the team fared badly at this stage of the game . Everybody seems to be contributing to each victory . Yesterday's game , it was TJ Tucker and Kris Humphries . TJ shot 6 of 7 shots while Humphries had a double double .

You can feel the crowd was very much into the game . Why not ? They sensed they have a winner this season . All are forgotten when you win . Athletes know that .The latest to utter these words was Dallas Cowboy's Drew Brees after his team's victory over the Texans . Very true in the case of coach Mitchell. Now nobody talks about replacing coach Sam Mitchell , voted the worst coach in the NBA last season . If the Raptors continue their winning ways in this coming regular season , Sam may win the coach of the year award . I knew there is some Pat Riley in coach Sam . Aside from the fancy suits !

Coach Sam
: I need a raise .
These suits cost too much !


Blogger Lee Ann said...

Hey Coach! Hope you had a great Monday!

8:11 PM  
Blogger el greco said...

Go Raps ! They are on a roll .

10:45 PM  
Blogger NIKEY said...

I still think the Raps need someone with more experience !

9:40 AM  
Blogger john said...

YES ! If they continue winning .

9:12 PM  

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