Friday, October 27

Gone In 9 Seconds

It seems that coach Sam Mitchell is hellbent on turning the Raptors into the ' Phoenix Suns Of The East ' . No doubt the hiring of former GM Brian Colangelo started this transformation . ' You don't have time to celebrate after a basket when playing the Suns ' They come back at you quickly ' said Hubie Brown in last year's telecast of one the Western Conference playoff game. Now , Toronto intends to do better than that . Faster than that by shooting 100 shots a game . ' We intend to take a good shot every 9 seconds -' proclaimed Sam D' Man .
In the Raptors' last pre season game against the Boston Celtics , they went below the century mark in the number of attempts at the basket but manages 45 shots by halftime . ' I don't think they ( Raptors ) can do it ' said Tommy Heinsohn , the Celts TV Analyst . However guys like MoPete is made for ' run and gun ' style of basketball . If the opposing team ' cooperates ' , Toronto should be able to do it . Throwing a shot every 9 seconds is like playing playground basketball . One or 2 players must or purposely leave themselves behind for the expected fastbreaks. ' It's going to be fun ' said my friend who is a habitual ACC visitor ' We are guaranteed fastpace basketball ' ...and pizza at the end of the game as the score will surely exceed 100 pts. !

Mo Pete
: I want my share of the
pizza giveaway . Pepperoni !!!


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