Thursday, October 26

Ooops , The Raptors Did It Again !

Like Britney . The Raptors won their 7th game straight game beating Boston at its homecourt , 106-102. They did not shot 100 times like coach Mitchell wanted but played good defense especially in the 2nd half . Actually , the Raptors 3 pt. shots bailed them out . They have 10/22 shots vs their opponents' 6/10 . In the end , it was Jose Calderon flawless free throw shooting (11/11 ) that saved the game for them. ' That's the wrong guy to foul ' said Tommy Heinhson when the Celts made a desperation foul with seconds left . That's the wrong guy to let drive to the basket too. Celts big man , Olawakandi , found that out as Calderon repeteadly made incurrsions to the lane .

Now , it is only the Chicago Bulls which are on the way to a sweep of the pre season games . The 1st time the Raptors will accomplish that feat . One worrying thought ' tho . Heinsohn , the former Celtics great , said last night that it the same ailment that Chris Bosh presently suffers from that ended his carrer at age 31 . I'm sure today's medicine has a better cure for that . We sure don't want Bosh to be as useless as Kevin Federline !

KFed : What me useless ?
What about the 2 'lil Federlines I made !


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