Friday, November 3

What One Good Game Can Do.

Funny how suddenly life can change for Anthony Parker . After virtually being ignored the past weeks , the former Maccabi Tel Aviv baller is suddenly thrust into the limelight after one good game last Tuesday against the New Jersey Nets . ' It just one game . My shots just keep falling ' said Parker amidst a sea of microphones . Previous to the season opener game , Parker was a dissapointment as he struggled in the pre-season games . ' Do you have any regrets about leaving the NBA to play overseas ? one reporter asked . ' I would not exchange the 5-6 years there for anything ' said the 31 yrs. old stylish baller . Why not . Over there , he played against the best in Europe . Italians like Raptor rookie Barghnani, Russians like the Jazz Kirilenko and the Clippers Korolev, Frechmen like the Spur's Tony Parker and the Sun's Diaw, Spaniards like now teammates Garbo and Calderon . Everybody except Kazaks like Borat ....

Borat : I'm Kobe of Kazakhstan...
I shoot women from behind .

2. TJ Ford And Charlie V . Stats ( After 1 game )

TJ Ford : 19 points /5 rebounds / 7 assists in 33 minutes of play .
Charlie V. : 16 points / 12 rebs. / 4 assists in 33 mins. of play .

Evaluation : Draw .


Blogger el greco said...

t.o will go 0-2 unfortunately .

12:01 PM  
Blogger VirkStar said...

I think Charile will end up being a great player but Raps needed a point guard.

2:49 PM  
Blogger john said...

I agree . Parker is a stylish jumpshooter .

6:01 PM  

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